But yeah, individual truth to their own source and concept of it. As source is and of itself a UPG and like all pure UPG it is individualistic which is the only UPG that’s actually pretty sound on its own.

Like parents.

What’s UPG?

Unverified personal gnosis.

But also not the same concept as Parents either.

Is there only one way to perform candle magick? One way to perform sigil magick? Does everyone have the same experience of the occult? Do the Christian philosophers and occultists all have the same experience? Does everyone experience The Source the same way?

Ah… water.


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Hmm I see. Interesting thought. One could even say every spiritual experience is like so.

So what’s up with Acts 19:15?

wtf are you talking about?

Acts 19:15, a book in the bible.

A beautiful and powerful verse if one can see deeply.
Might I ask, what Bible do you read? And I’m not referring to translation, rather, something relating to Water and Air.

It is an interesting chapter really. Taking into account the verses both before and after that verse, i can come up with two interpretations. The first it is a possible attempt to discredit the efficiency of Judaism, which is not an uncommon practice for a newer religion to use any method to discredit the older. The second is to suggest that simply speak a name in a mechanical way is not enough in rituals such as exorcism. One needs to know it, however one may define that. I would say it would be like speaking the name of a friend as opposed to something random. It has greater importance due to a personal relationship than just saying a random one hoping something would happen. The belief would be giving the name power.


And the evil spirit answered and said, Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are ye?

this one?

LHP, RHP, one needs to know the path or the Way.

Ecclesiastes 3:11