Manifestation and its limits (Creating the perfect life)

Hi all. I come here with many questions. Here are my epistemological assumptions/ beliefs that are relevant to this post:

  1. Consciousness is everything and nothing. Duality is a characteristic of non-duality.
  2. “God” is unlimited.
  3. Manifestation is real. There are many ways to manifest (Dimension jumping, sigils, mantras, visualizations, writing reality into existence, etc).

I only write the text above so that it is easier for others to understand where I come from.

Okay so basically I want to ask others if they believe that there truly are no limits to manifestations? It seems that this should be the case given the conditions that I set out above. Do we limit what we can manifest by either our unconscious or conscious beliefs? I ask this because I have personally manifested many things myself. True “miracles” from my perspective.

I want to manifest/ tap into a reality where I am a great artist. I want to be widely popular with my art (Most specifically music and films). Do you guys think it is possible to do such a thing? I already make music, but I’m not close to the level that I want to be at. Do you guys think it is possible to manifest such a reality? I’m talking so successful that one would think I made deals with the “devil”. If yes, then what technique would you use in order to manifest such a reality for yourself?

PS. I’m sorry if this post is weirldy structured/ formatted. I’m a newbie here.

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Sorry about that.

I’ve only done small things with manifestation, a bit of money here and there for me, a pc for someone, a handmedown car a friend wanted from his parents, my job lol. I do believe manifestation has some limits but hey lol.


But are we the ones creating such limits? It seems arbitrary to me that something that something so seemingly fantastical could be limited. How does reality determine when a manifestation is “to grand” to be possible? What would the implications of such a reality mean?

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No I believe there are limits to what people can and can’t do, limits are a natural part of life/creation in my opinion, in that aspect being open minded to possibilities is one thing but being lost to the everything is possible idea is another.

I dont view limits as a bad thing, just something that exists


I think your goals are perfectly possible, even without magic.

In the day and age of the internet getting noticed and making credible connections is far easier than it used to be.

However, it is going to take a lot of hard work and dedication on your part. Sloshing through the ups and downs. The thing with manifestation is that you got to work with it. It can only align things for you, it is up the magician to take the plunge themselves and follow through. Self-work is a very big thing in magic, no matter what it is that you are trying to manifest. The bigger the goals the more organized you are going to have to be. You need to put in the work and you will get the results.

I have found that spiritual work, energy cultivation, and clearly outlining your goals work together. The more energy you have, the greater impact on the world you can produce with your thoughts alone. The greater the impact the easier it is manifest things for you. When you have your goals clearly outlined, and are working towards them in baby steps, moving mountains become possible. This is because you are not focusing entirely on “I want to be famous” but you have a subset of smaller goals that work towards inducing your fame.


Well, thanks for your input. Good luck on your journey.

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Don’t get me wrong however, I’m not saying your goal is impossible, just simply stating that there are some limits to manifestation, and magick/manifestation alone sometimes isn’t enough.

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I agree with you.
Manifestations almost seem to be a self generated synchronicity if you will.
Let us not forget that this realm is at least apparently physical, and as such you must put in the work in the work that is required for the outcome.

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*I do not intend to sound confrontational/ aggressive.
You’re conflating your beliefs with reality. How do you truly know that manifesting has a limit?

With hard work your goals are possible, magick is more like a booster for your work. Spirits will help you but its all teamwork in the end


How do you know it doesn’t? limits exist otherwise people would be manifesting unimaginable things, or magicians wouldn’t be struggling with their mundane aspects of their life such as a job, or love, etc. It’s not really my belief because I work mostly with manifestation and each case has worked, but I’m not going to get someone’s hopes up and tell them “you can manifest yourself into being the president” or “you can manifest yourself into being a physical God where you can throw fire balls and shit”


Thanks for the reply. Do you think that magick helps align oneself with certain possible outcomes?

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I think it is very possible for you to manifest a reality where you are a successful artist. It will take time, but with magick it can be done.

How I see it, most people run into problems when they think that they can have everything they ever wanted tomorrow, that they’ll become a lord of wealth with lovers dangling off their arms while they drink from the skulls of their former enemies in a matter of minutes.

Magick, in my experience, works best when you approach your goals in small, iterative steps. Start with the little things, then break the big things down into more little things and tackle those, and then keep going and repeating until you get to where you want to be.

The general formula for becoming a successful artist is really not that complicated (though I wouldn’t call it easy). As a successful artist, you will spend your days creating works and somehow monetizing them. This means that you need to be highly skilled in two areas - your art of choice, and the business side of your art of choice. With artists, a common problem is to focus only on the former. It doesn’t matter how good you are if no-one knows who you are, can’t find your work, and can’t support you financially.

If you are looking for advice, then I would suggest honing your craft by seeking out another musician in your genre that could give you some feedback, preferably one with a degree of success. Having an objective perspective can help quite a bit. If you haven’t already, you would also benefit from studying musicians of different levels of success. See how they market themselves, how they spend their days, what revenue streams they create, these more business-oriented things.

If you’re looking for magickal methods and techniques, you’ve certainly come to the right place. It would also be helpful for you to read and practice from a grimoire, a book with magickal instructions and rituals. My three favorite publishers are BALG, The Gallery of Magick, and The Power of Magick Publishing (with a shout-out to Corwin Hargrove as well). Look around their websites, and select a book that appeals to you and that you feel can help you. You will find the right book, as even now, your future magick is reaching for you.

I wish you the best, Conditional.


How about this gets dropped?

You have your viewpoint, and Velenos has his. He has a lot of magical experience under his belt, and quite frankly – great claims require great evidence or at least results. Remember, it was you that put out the question to begin with -is manifestation limited- and he just answered his honest viewpoint from his experience actively working with magic.

To be frank, compared to the miracles described in some books -manifesting money and acquiring the ‘perfect life’ is rather tame when it comes to expectations to put on magic.

The limits are ‘unknown’ and lines can only be drawn with what has been observed based on experience with magic. That is not to say that things are impossible, but rather, improbable even with magic. However, the vast majority of the time manifesting miraculous results does fall under ‘improbable’ and a lot of magicians don’t have the time or aptitude to build their power to where they can outright defy reality.

I think a lot of what ‘is possible’ will never be seen by common man because they don’t ‘guru time’ (or patience) to devote to the cultivation of energy, abilities and powers.


@anon48079295 I also don’t view limits as a bad thing, but something to be embraced.

Something I’ve heard from several professional jazz musicians about soloing and improvisation is that limitations breed creativity. If you are stuck within a certain set of rules, it forces you to really use the tools that you still have and to make things interesting without leaning on your old habits and tricks. It also brings a certain freshness to your playing, as you are forced to change how you normally do things.


Thanks for the reply. I in no way think that manifestations are something that happen instantly. I suppose they could, but in my experience manifestations are very subtle. So mundane that to the casual observer it would appear that nothing out of the ordinary occurred. I’ll look into those publishers you mentioned.

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Depends on what you want, there are no miracles but you can achieve your goals you have mentioned above
It will take time but its possible


If I made it seem that I thought my viewpoint was “the truth” then I apologize. I think everything is relative so I in no way think I’m “right”. I think you’re right about most not being able to manifest due to lack of focus and concentration. It seems that there must be a burning passion/ need/ desire for an individual to achieve great accomplishments or witness abnormal events. Thanks for the reply.