Making hot women want to fuck you

I have actually begone to notice a slight change to my body odour. I can sometimes get a whiff of Damiana when I move. Ofcourse I have only been using this for a couple of weeks, so changes are yet to come. But they are diffenatly on thier way.

P.S: Have you noticed a slight increase in nervousness? I have. I think this may be because of the increase in bodily excitement and my body has yet to adjust to this new felling. Hell, this might even be a good challenge for me.

Have you noticed any weight loss with Damiana at all?

Nah, my metabolism is high asf already. Actually in my case Damiana makes me want to indulge which is greatly appreciated. I haven’t had proper appitite for many years.

It would seem that Damiana serves both purposes, weight loss and weight gain for whom may need it.


fuck yea

Chiming in

Starting from the title ‘Making hot women want to fuck you.’ Emphasis on the word Make.

To Make is a telling verb. But what does it mean? To ‘Compel (someone) to do something.’

Compel: ‘to force someone to do something.’

Force: ‘to make something happen or make someone do something difficult, unpleasant, or unusual, especially by threatening or not offering the possibility of choice.’

Idk man. The way you phrased the question is open to questionable interpretation, so don’t be surprised when the comment section goes OT.

Let’s change ‘Making’ into ‘Attracting’ and see what that does.

Attract: ‘to cause something to come toward something else, or to cause a person or animal to become interested in someone or something.’

Cause: ‘to make something happen, especially something bad.’

Seems to me when it comes to dating and sex, there’s a difference between bad being forced to, and bad wanting to.

I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether attracting someone to want to do bad things to you is more useful than forcing them to fuck you because they have no other choice. Adding that women who feel like they have a choice in the attraction show a different attitude than ones who feel cornered or coerced.

Here’s what i mean:

Read the comment section on the following Instagram pages for Asian (East Asian men, East Indian) men, and Black men women admit to being turned on by in the comment sections.

I’ve picked these 3 races because dating sites have many statistics claiming that these 3 ethnicities are the universally rejected on dating sites, due to racism. Dating site statistics have shown this to be true over and over again, so these men’s ethnicity puts them in no-win situations.

Yet they’re generally winning. Although they definitely have the right to complain, they choose not to. Instead, they put themselves together with attraction triggers, and present to the world in their best light, via getting in shape, grooming, color coordination, stylishness, professional photos, career development, etc, plus mental dominance, passion for things other than women, leadership qualities, and more.

Result: women admire these men. Of their own accord. Without being forced to aka without anyone MAKING them do it.

Go figure.

‘Attract’ vs ‘Make’ it’s your choice, but one works better. Food for thought

Not preaching, just saying. There’s more than one way to do magick

I understand that way of thinking, and in a lot of ways, i feel the same way. Because i’m a magician too, and we want things easy. Right? Why make things harder than they have to be?

But you have to keep in mind. It helps to justify her connection to you to yourself. Your mind won’t accept anything that doesn’t make any sense to you.

So you did magick, and Asmodeus or Bune or Lilith or whoever brought you a Playboy bunny. Cool! Now you have to live with her and live within her reality, not yours.

Her reality is she has 20+ guys a day hitting on her, and you have to get used to shutting down AMOG and BMOG approaches by other guys, as well as get used to her being approached nonstop when you’re not around.

Her reality is also that many of those guys who approach her to ditch you and fuck them have other women begging for their attention. They not only crash your set, they do so smelling like other women’s hormones, which is a HUGE turn-on for any girl.

In her mind, she’ll expect you to have other girls in rotation, if not in reality, at least your attractive potential should be there. She’ll want to know that you CAN nail any other girl you want to, BUT YOU CHOOSE NOT TO. That justifies the attraction to her.

If she’s the only girl in your life and nobody really knows why she’s so into you, you may have her, but you’re still at a major disadvantage because that setup makes no sense whatsoever to anyone who is socially savvy.

This is the unspoken downside of doing love binds; you can bind one person to you, but you won’t get the kind of attraction or admiration that happens to people who do things in the mundane way.

Such is the lottery winner curse. Yes you’re rich, but your mind is still poor, and that’s why many lottery winners end up broke - they never learn how to justify the prosperity to their own minds, so they give the money away to gambling habits, poor spending, silly investment schemes, greedy people, etc and end up with nothing.

You have to justify a connection to any blessing you bring to yourself instead of just letting a spirit heap it on you, so you can live properly with it after the fact. An unspoken reality magicians eventually learn the hard way when they do love magick, etc.

In practical terms, when this guy approaches your new girl with the smoothest game you’ve ever heard, you will have to one-up him through non-neediness while he’s doing everything he can. Idk if it’s worse when the guy hits on your girl with you standing there, or when you hear her telling her girlfriends about the guy on the phone after the fact and you wonder if she’s going to his place every time she goes out at night, but you have to reckon with these realities.

These tests will happen daily, and some of the tests will be truly bizarre for you. You’ll have kids in fucking public school coming to your door to hit on your girl, i shit you not. You have to be rock-solid mentally to withstand these tests from other guys, not to mention the constant stuff women throw at you to test your mettle. The magick will bring her to you but it wont get you past those tests. You only know how to beat those tests when you train your mind and build solid game.

That’s a main reason i’m wary of love binds. Yes they can work, but you need more than that to keep somebody.

Realize - hitting the gym, getting your style and scent together, building a strong pimp/mack mentality, learning how to spit tight game, these things are as much a natural magick act as using a hoodoo oil or conjuring a spirit. Use them as well as whatever else you choose to do. Not either/or, but both/and. They turbo charge any other magick you’re doing by tying them to the physical realm.

TL;DR - Attraction triggers and Personal Magnetism will work better for you than Compulsion. This is nonmagickal action plenty of women have been proven to respond to, even by tough cases with the odds against them. Use preparation to put the power of first impressions on your side, and treat these mundane acts as being magickal in and of themselves to get the best use of them.

Woop there it is.


Now, let’s get to the magick.

Spirit suggestions from the thread:

I’ve also collected links from BALG’s archive with multiple rituals and spirit suggestions here, and added more than my fair share of self-created and borrowed rituals from my own collection. You have enough magick in this paragraph alone to last you a year of conjurations if that’s what you want. It’s just plain stupid how much black magick i’m giving you here.

Again, on this post, Uncle Al gave you this ritual already:

Believe it or not that is a hidden gem on this page. I wrote a similar thread here, explaining something very much like what Uncle Al wrote. That ritual forms the basis of Anton LaVey’s Greater Lust Magick ritual from the Satanic Bible, and passed on into pop occulture through Grant Morrison’s wank technique, which is a watered-down version of LaVey’s ritual. My upgrade of Grant’s wank technique bridges back to LaVey through Frater Elijah’s Lashings Of Azathoth chaos sex magick ritual from his book Chaos Kung Fu, so you get a 3-for-1 deal there. This can be done with or without spirit conjurations, as long as you have someone to focus your desires on it’ll work.

That is a GREAT book to read for dating and sex. It is after all the original pickup manual.

I also recommend this book by W. James Dennis, which is a lot like LaVey’s book, but geared toward men. Dennis is not a magician and would probably scoff at the idea of doing magick to get tail, but you don’t really need magick when your game is tight. Something none of us on this board will admit, but there you go.

Finally, i’ve written this, which ties the Inner and Outer Game together so you can do everything in one shot without having to put it all together yourself. Everything you need is already included.

I wanted to stay on-topic and just hand you the keys to the kingdom instead of preaching or pontificating on this or that non-related subject.

Make sure you check ALL of the links i gave you in this post. It’s just plain stupid how much black magick i’ve linked you to on this post alone. You could spend years looking for this shit; i’ve just handed it to you. Full rituals and suggestions from plenty of experienced practitioners, all of it hardcore magick that has been proven to work. Pick what you like and do it yourself, or get ideas and put your own thing together from it. Your choice

Keep us posted on the results. I like reading success stories.


A tight game and magick are indistinguishable.


I’m curious which animal products would inhibit the production of testosterone as I’ve read red meat intermittent fasting would supply a boost

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Can you give me the instructions of the spell you used with Eros please

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Ya curios about that too. Can you share more info about the operation? Thanks

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Asmodeus is also the Demon of Lust, principle demon of one of the 7 deadly sins.

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I asked Zepar for help. Made a few blood offerings and carved the sigil into a piece of copper. Women turn their heads when I keep the copper sigil with me. That has been my experience so far. Working on the BALG course right now, so the sky is the limit. Did get myself a fuck buddy.


Why is your ability to have her interested in you the measure of your anything, especially your mettle? This is horribly degrading to your psyche.


Don’t understand the question. Explain?

I mean, a chick’s interest or not doesn’t make you more/less valuable. To rate yourself based on any external condition is to experience the illusion–and illusions are experiences–of diminishing of your true power.


How did you murder people with magick? Im kinda new and dumb but very curious and willing to learn

Welcome @MrAvenger901. Please introduce yourself in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick. It is a rule of this forum.

You actually do magic all the time because you are always experiencing according to the nature of your consciousness. Your negative intent and beliefs–even if not deliberately negative–literally create the experiences you speak of but only in perfect correspondence to your consciousness.

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I agree with you 100%.

The problem is, the world doesn’t agree with either of us.

The world doesn’t recognize the inherent value of any person. It only recognizes the extent of their accomplishment.

So the guy who can charm the hottest girls, or the girl who dates the tallest, handsomest hunk are ‘better’ than the single person who ‘loves themselves’ or whatever the term is nowadays.

It is what it is and we’re all here to learn how to negotiate the double-binds reality throws at us all.

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Here’s where I think it is valuable to realise that our experience in “the world” is entirely based on our self-concept, i.e. all that we consent to as true. The world can’t do anything but reflect our consciousness back to us.
Our convictions about ourselves determine our individual experiences in “the world”. This is the crux of magic. Consciousness is reality. If not for the fact that reality is one limitless consciousness, we would have literally no chance of making changes via magic. Self-knowledge is key. If you rely on the external, i.e. the illusion or effect, for validation we’ll be stuck.

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