Making hot women want to fuck you

What’s the best Goetic spirit for this? I can approach and ask anyone if they’re interested in shagging but I was thinking of getting the Goetia to boost it.



Asmodeus. I think zepar and sitri


Possibly salos



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For just fucking? Work with Asmodeus and Belial together. They excel at that.


Technically, how would one evoke 2 demons at the same time? Get both of them in the triangle together or do you mean 2 separate evocations on different days for the same intent?

Asmodeus? Asmoday:
He giveth the Ring of Virtues; he teacheth the Arts of Arithmetic, Astronomy, Geometry, and all handicrafts absolutely. He giveth true and full answers unto thy demands. He
maketh one Invincible. He showeth the place where Treasures lie, and guardeth it.


You wouldn’t have to evoke both at once, just both at all. One after the other. Or craft a summoning rite that brings you both at once



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LoL everyone has hobbies, even Demons,nailing anything that moves (and sometimes things that don’t) are Asmodeus and Belial’s :smiling_imp:


Can’t accuse you of being cryptic.

Everybody wants sex. Should be an easy one. Those that seek “love” have a hard time however. That kind of working is usually multi-faceted.

Let us know if the suggestions presented earlier worked! (After you have had time to make am assessment of course.)


Oh for crying out loud guys it’s Gremory you want I have worked with her plenty and trust me on this she is the one to talk to if you want to become attractive. I swear I never got much attention from women but once I started working with Gremory I suddenly became a Hottie! The craziest part is I look in the mirror and I look better to myself so the change was actually a real physical one. Not to mention I’m pushing 40 and still look 25! Not many can say that. But I think my youthful appearance is partly due to just being a Magician and we just last longer because of our evolution and ascention that we work towards.
You will also find yourself doing things like washing behind your ears and cleaning and grooming yourself more and being more well kept and clean which is a necessity to being attractive. Gremory let’s you know about the attractive person within and she helps you to bring that out.


Naamah. She’s so physical you can almost smell Her sexuality. Also, if you have to, adopt the cool ‘I don’t give a damn’ attitude. When talking, stare into your prospective conquest’s eyes then stare into the inner corner of one of her eyes. She won’t see your eyes move as the movement is too small, but when you do this your pupils will expand and strongly but subconsciously sends her a sexual signal. That’s why candle-lit dinners are popular - open pupils.

As for long term relationships I’ll refrain from comment and hold my tongue.



One is gonna be exploring her eyeballs like that naturally anyway when talking to her if one is crazy-brave enough to engage her socially and state one’s direct intentions to her.


“…stare into the inner corner of one of her eyes”. By focusing on something small - anything - your pupil naturally expands. It also naturally expands as a strong, subliminal signal of sexual interest. So, if you want to find out how to spark sexual interest, one way to do it on command - over and over again - is to focus on the lacrimal caruncle. If you do it in dim light you’ll broadcast really large pupils to your subject.

Honestly, get yourself a cheap engagement ring and wear it. Many women love nothing better than something they can take away from another woman. Synthetic hormone aftershaves/perfumes work.

And don’t sweat the small stuff.



Adam Thoth is correct. Gremory is great!

But I have reached a stage in my life where I no longer seek or need women. I have a number of profound reasons related to the current constructed Zeitgeist, inter alia. Nonetheless, I have strong memories of how it was, the profound strength of bodily hormones and being all dressed up with nowhere to go. I recommend Chapter 34 The Smoking Dog of Crowley’s The Book of Lies.

Plus there’s an old Chinese proverb which goes, ‘A thousand men can live in peace, but two women can’t – even if they’re sisters’. It’s old, distilled wisdom that nourishes me in the little peace we all have left.

Old Uncle Al.


Decades ago I consumed what was then titled The Compleat Witch by Anton LaVey. I had the hard cover yellow edition. It’s written primarily for women but is full of practical stuff for anyone who is prepared to apply themselves.

Also, by taking Damiana in larger quantities than prescribed, especially if you can get it in an alcohol elixir, over time it will subtly alter your body odour and this alteration attracts women. About a week or so. Been there. Done that! It also increases the sex drive of both men and women.



thanks for those stories

You go for gold diggers eh? Haja

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Working with Gremory for a few nights here and there… started as a powerful haggling diabolic male demon, stroking it’s satyr beard and like Watto (boy-Anakhen’s slave master from Attack of Clones movie)…scary…exciting…in latter communications appeared as an alluring maiden-genie standing and holding/ stroking a pussycat…a feisty minx Demonic King-Queen.

That week in work, walking somewhere minding my business…a milf i used to work with, who the guys consider to be glamorous, stopped me, very pleased to see me, behaving very different with me, was all over me asking for a hug…twice…I was caressing her arms. Praise Gremory.

Saturday night I was in a club going crazy in middle of dance floor invoking Odin… a nice young girl made a fuckin bee-line to me started dancing with me.

Young girl who works in in local petrol station unusually looking at me differently, like with intent and excitement like a new rock star is visiting.

Hail Gremory! Hail Sitri! Hail Nuit. … next