Make someone feel disgust for another

Can anyone help me? To make someone feel pure disgust for another.

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Same as controlling minds

Also try a Sour Jar if you prefer witchcraft.

Could you tell me more about mind controlling? Is it actually possible?

It’s possible in many ways. Psychology is easiest and takes time, effort and skill.
Magickally you have a couple of main options strategically

  1. You/entities can give that energy directly and depending on their true feelings it may or may not clash with them and cause stress and confusion, possibly leading to madness, when they can’t explain why they feel what they do, and then they can fix it with their own magick (all humans are magickal beings, they can always fight it).
  2. Employ entities and work the energy currents around them to foster an environment where they can come to the conclusion the other is disgusting for their own reasons and believe it’s their decision.

Everybody has skeletons in the closet, you could try exposing those through entities like Valac, Haures etc. Get a good grimoire and research what others have found through experience what the various entities can do and build a team to work on it, that’s what I like to do.