Intro and some help

Hi STN here.

From India, Hindu but not very religious. Kinda new to this craft. So I pray and worship pretty much all Hindi deities. And apart from them Archangel Michael and Lucifer. I don’t have a specific path tbh. I give respect and gratitude to all spiritual beings. I joined earlier but my first intro here. So Hello everyone. Hoping all of you and your loved ones are in good health.

So I needed so info - any info would be great.



What kind of info do you need?


So I basically have an issue and it’s my ex - recently got engaged and I prayed my heart out to my deities ( ones in my altar - Hanuman, Ganesh, Lakshmi, Durga, Rama , Tirupati , Jesus and Shiva ) plus to Michael and other angels, daemons and my dad. No sigil no circle no enn etc. I offered food that I love to eat and then kept asking for signs. After two days - I had a strange encounter with a dog which I don recognise and I’ve never fed or petted. That same night( early morning around 5 ) I got a comment on a post I had online and that girl reached out to me saying she was told to help me.

Now it’s regarding love, so I wanted to which angel/daemon are best for love and then potential future - Am not down in the dumps - I was tho but everything starts with YOU so I am hopeful and have belief and extremely grateful. So I wanted to know bout angel/daemons best for bringing an ex back with potential future. Am ready to do the work of having faith and being very happy from within. So yeah …

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??? Anybody???

Firstly: welcome to the community, i hope we can help you :slight_smile:

As i read, in general demons work tend to be temporary (although I’ve real that beleth can get a long lasting relationship and fidelity).

In any case you can get help from them to get her back and just then using something to a long lasting relationship.

Demons i know are used in general:

  • Dantalioncan: change the mind of the target

  • Sallos: can cause love and fidelity in target

  • Amon: can cause love

  • Vine: can control the feelings of the targer (similar to Dantalion).

  • Gremory: can cause love. As i know, this one is useful when the target is in other relationship.

  • Eligos: blind affection (but I’m not sure if it’s romantic love)

  • Vual: reignite love in a relationship and give you confidence.

  • Gaap: to start or break up a relationship.

*Furfur: can cause love (I’ve read that tends to destroy electronics so i would try to keep them shouted down if you work with this demon).

There’s others but are more focused on lust (Sitri and Zepar).

This post have some experience with different love demons:

About angels i know nothing but I’ve read they work slowly but on a more long lasting way.

Other option is planetary magick to a long lasting love: Venus would be the option on this case

In general love rituals are made on Friday during venus hour to improve the effectiveness.

If you’re already made works with some spirits maybe is your lust for results the reason you’re not getting what you’re asking for. When you perform magick you have to “let it go”, otherwise you can make it fail.


I forgot to add it, but if you’re already worked with a lot of different entities maybe that also was counterproductive. Different beings can work differently soy they could ending interfering with the other ones method and ending on nothing or in a really slow result. In general when you work with more than one you use a layered method where you specify in which aspect is going to work every one, according on which is their “speciality” on the subject, on this case, love.

Ex: A for changing her mind about being with you
B: for break up with the other one
C: for love to you (maybe lust too).

Other important note: she might love you, but that doesn’t neces means she will want to be with you as a couple.

I must also add that for future questions you use the search option first, why am i saying this? Because there’s questions (like yours) that have been asked thousands of times, so most of them ended without answer, because you can already search for it on the forum


Thank you so much.

Well I have only prayed and I received assistance as to how go about it.

So the first and my main focus was termination of the engagement and I found someone who has guided me immensely. I found this book by Gordon W. called angels of wrath. I’ll most probably will do it on Friday. Luckily it’s a full moon as well.

So first is removing all obstacles and then deciding on which path to take.

I also asked for strength to not think and obsess over the end result and have blind faith that it is working.

The only reason am not severely down is coz of the help I received in just 2 days. That kinda catapulted my feelings towards extreme faith and hope. Am very grateful to say the very least.

Thanks I’ll search through for sure. And oh I am the SHE , mu person is the HE :blush:

Thank you so much again :white_heart::cherry_blossom:


Take a look here as well:


Please be patient, and for future reference, keep in mind that many people are at work, home schooling their kids, or depending on where they are in the world, still sleeping.


Oooh my bad, i mistake you two. I hope you can achieve you wish, or at least that everything goes for better :slight_smile:

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Correct me if am wrong -

From how much I understood of Magick, Daemobs and Angels and deities and spiritual beings and LOA. - the two keys are FAITH and PATIENCE

It also requires strategy and being calm. Being enraged, desperate and sad will only create blacks.

I want to plan accordingly and be patient and strategise according to what I am aiming at.

Feel free to add or correct me I’ll be grateful nonetheless :blush:


Sure sure - sorry I completely forgot the time difference :pray:t2:

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In general when you feel anxious, desperate pr similar, that wouldn’t let the spell or entity act according to what you wish.
I’ve read people here that after giving up with “x” spell they throw it to trash and suddenly they got what they wanted, because ironically, just when they did that, they stopped their lust for results.

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True. Pretty much the same method everywhere with every path.

I’ve prayed to Michael asking him to give me strength everyday to not think about the result or anything that remotely acts as a block. That’s all. I know he will hear me.

I am just feeling much much better the day the help came - in just 2 days - am still so so surprised ( in a grateful and good way tho ) :cherry_blossom:

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I’m glad to read that. And again, i wish you luck and the best for you :slight_smile:

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@S_T_N you need to come back to this post. You’re lusting for results like crazy in DM’s and seeing this situation as a crisis isn’t helping.

I’ve suggested you need to heal and detach, and recommended Orpaniel and Raphael because you feel so much grief and dread. You’re basically continuing to ignore this advice and circling back to asking me the same questions. Like you want to hold onto the pain and grief because it’s what you were left with and it’s all that you have.

So I’m bumping this post and asking @Lady_Eva if it’s appropriate to move it to the love section, even though it’s an intro.


Good question, I think it’s probably best here, otherwise people will start making intros everywhere. :thinking:

If we have one Category we can point people to, to make their intro, it’s generally less confusing. :+1:


That was a quick response, I’m just hoping others see the post that can offer solid advice as were already at 150 messages and I need a day or two to breathe.


You can always ask someone to stop PM-ing if necessary.


I told them to stop the the last time they circled back. They’ve respected it. I just hope they seek advice from and more importantly search the forum since this is a very frequently discussed topic.