Magickal workings, Journal of the Warrior

So I began pursuing the Christian path, currently I am at the fence not knowing the relationship between Jesus Christ and Lucifer or Lilith, and it bothers me.

I’m sure though that Lucifer has no issue with me working with Jesus as he wants me to ascend, no idea about Lilith though


Missed my daily prayer today, thinking of becoming a preacher or priest

Will recite the Lord’s prayer later


Rosary from Jerusalem

Also I was thinking of the movie The Rite, has anyone watched it?


Might depend on which Jesus you have in mind. There are a few and all but one of them are egregoric, as far as I can tell. The one that isn’t is has two forms, a human on whom the stories an writings are based, and the ascended master/higher self that some seem to call Sananda.

I don’t think Lilith would have any issue with the last two, most of the egregores are born of dogma and are perhaps more problematic.


I understand, thank you.

The Jesus I wish to walk with is the real non egregore


So I have a question and this is just because you were pretty hateful towards Christians. What changed your mindset?


I mean, to be fair, I don’t think Jesus was ever a “Christian”. If the man existed, and I’m not sure ‘he’ wasn’t an amalgam of aural stories of various men at the time, he studied in India and was more enlightened in the vedic sense than anything. The original ideas are about basic ascension, finding god within, and he had a bunch of sidhis.

Christianity came many years later and I believe these days, were a deliberate corruption by the controllers to maintain control.


All questions are welcome!

Well, I try to follow the words of Jesus currently, and he said you should love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.

Yes I was angry, but now currently I am sad when it comes to people who use religion to invite violence and fear. Those are the religious people I feel are lost.

It’s a growing process too, I’ve never had beef with Jesus personally, I just didn’t like the people who acted violently in his name.

There was a saint by the name of padre pio.

He is someone I highly respect, as well as Yogananda


Paramahansa Yogananda has written books explaining the esoteric significance of Jesus

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All the best on your new path brother


Thank you!

Granted, I am thankful to Lucifer and the other Infernals I’ve worked with to have given me a positive perception on demons

Not saying I’ll stop working with them tho, but currently I’m doing this.

Sexual abstinence is going good btw


You know what @strengthenwarrior. I actually think you’ve come up with a game changing good idea for yourself. To practice as a Christian magician. Nothing wrong with that at all bro.
I’ve known some extremely gifted and powerful christian magicians and catholic magicians.

Study up on your kaballah, learn to work with the psalms and magick squares and pentacles.

You could actually do well.

I wish you good fortune


Thank you!

Blessings on your path as well!


Thanks bro. My intuition tells me this is going to work out really well for you.

My first teacher was a kabbalist and Rosicrucian ( Christian mysticism) and she was strong like you wouldn’t believe. I’ve met maybe three black magicians here on Balg that were maybe her equal.

She once said " if you are glorifying God with the way you live your life, then what parasites or darkness would dare cling to you"

She also said your best spiritual defense is purity of intention.

Think on it bro


No one is above God imo, so I think with faith and persistence I can return to mysticism. It was actually my original path before working with Infernals.

Now I’m not saying I’ll stop working with demons (there was a demon some time ago that came to protect me)

But perhaps I can get out of my slump with mysticism, I actually had results from kabbalistic prayers that I didn’t get chanting enns, so this is part of the reason for my transition.

I’ve just had difficulty understanding God, personally I believe we all have 1 source (the Cosmic father/God)

I’ve taken this belief from a yogi by the name of Paramahansa Yogananda, who I’ve met, and according to what I read, he is extremely powerful and wise, same for his gurus.

I’m thinking of reading the Gita along with the Bible


I’ll be following this journal. I look forward to your posts. It’s refreshing to see mention of Jesus that isn’t addicted to “thus said the church” or those who repeat dogma without any practical experience. Plus, it seems like some of us could use a reminder that working with darker spirits doesn’t equal hating jesus. Anyways, keep it going @MagickVigilante


Much appreciated!

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Yes this will be a great journal to follow I agree with :point_up_2:. I look forward to seeing your journey documented. Be well my friend.

All is right, All is well, All is All, All is one.



Pondering upon this passage:

I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.

The God of Israel I consider a mask of the cosmic father, this passage is interesting as it defeats the notion that evil is separate from God

Good and Evil are duality in Maya (Illusion)

Maya, and everything that it encompasses, exists, imo as a creation of God that in a way strives to keep us separate from realising God, but is not separate in itself from God


That passage is understood wrong.