Law of attraction technique, and a lesson to thoughts

Law of attraction, and a thought lesson

So I wanted something I was thinking to attract it and here what I did

I calmed down a little, getting my self ready, just focusing on the desire and intention I had it clear, that I needed to get my phone back
I holded this thought in my mind, just this one nothing else, not giving attention to others just this

“I will get my phone back now”

As I holded that one thought I could feel my mind as a magnet sucking all existence and I could feel everything shifting like I entered to a new other reality, as for intensifying it I felt a solar plexus solar pulse on that the solar plexus area of the body I felt that the shifting was intensifying at every moment that I was in

As this procces happen many doubts have arised within me

Do I deserve it?
I reasoned all my doubts

Will that even work?
I said to my self
It is my will then I started believing that

As I pushed and allowed to world to shifting torawrds my will I received by intuition what I should say and look to get what I want
And did and got that.

With that knowledge and event that happend I came into realisation that thoughts are the makers of perception and believes and thus resulting the world around us

So choose wisely your thoughts and beliefs it changes the world and yourseld use thoughts to your advantage, but don’t get lost in thoughts, you are not your thoughts but something more,

You can do anything that you set your mind into it.


When I did this, it felt like the world was caving in on me in a good way. And it got hot as I kept pushing it

I felt it solidify into the new reality too

Makes you wonder how reality an perception shifts during Evocation :thinking:


i believe yes


But did you actually get your phone back? :thinking:

sure i got it lol.

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