Magick Beyond the Trance State - I need your opinions

Hello all.

I need you to tell me your thoughts on the following statements: trance is just a shortcut to the spiritual realm; with the improvement of the astral senses and consciousness, one would be able to access the spiritual realm at will, without the need to relax and enter some pseudo-dream-like state. In fact, for such a magician, magick would become much more practical, as he/she would be able to do it whenever he/she wants, wherever he/she wants.



With enough practice, yes.


Of course; this does not happen over night.


This ability in the old world western culture was seeing through the veil, the neat thing about this ability is it isn’t soley an ability but also a negotiation. I say this because you have factors that can be construed as the will of God amplifying this exercise such as lunar and or solar eclipses and other observances of the celestial bodies.

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It’s strange, I literally had the same thoughts about this two hours ago…


Not strange when you consider the fact that we are all connected. So, I’m assuming you think this is a possible feat?


I think that people see a connection between two things and they don’t know what to do with it, so they either forget about it and/or take it for granted.

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I agree. So regarding the magick beyond the trance thing - since you’ve been thinking about it, do you yourself find it possible?

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I think that it’s possible, primarily because I recall an instance of C.Kendall having his reality torn open by Azazel without any trance induction, which leads me to believe that you don’t need trance in order to alter your perception of reality.


I see; thank you. I think I remember the thread you’re referring to. I’ll go and read it now, if I can find it.

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Found it, for those who are curious, here it is:


There’s a blind spot in our thinking. We think that the only way to alter our perception of reality is to enter a full-blown trance/meditation/gnostic insight/ trip/ mind-blowing experience, so it creates a categorical blind spot when we start contemplating a topic like this.

Having your reality torn open outside of trance goes to show you that even a “stable” state of mind is easy to fuck with.

Having a perfectly LUCID and CLEAR experience of an anomaly that SHOULD NOT BE THERE is something out of a horror movie, but is arguably more jarring to our stable reality than anything else we can write off as “unreal” because “oh it was just in trance”.

What does this have to do with magick? It does away with the assumption that reality at ANY point, is “strong” enough to defy your expectations. As in, there is no fixed point of reality that is more or less malleable than any other point in reality.

The difference lies in how much we are willing to accept our own power and make daring, catastrophic, apocalyptic changes to reality.


I wholeheartedly agree. I, admittedly, had fallen into the trap of “must be in a trance to do this” before, but now I’m drifting apart from it. What you said is something we all should keep in mind.


I agree with that statement

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John King/Imperial Arts claims that his Goetic evocations do not require any sort of trance state for physical manifestation:

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Was born a medium, but my astral senses had shutdown overtime.

After meeting my fellow Demonic brothers they would never stop talking to me, always 24/7.

Eventually that caused my Brain to force my astral senses open.

I learned overtime that our senses we’re actually never closed or off.

But that our Brains simply did not know how to process non physical phenomena.

Exposure to all things non physical will lift the veil gradually.

Just gotta let your brain adjust.
To move the dial, to adjust the frequency.


I needed that

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I actually struggle with trance state, but seem to have been talking with spirits for most of my life, I just didn’t realize I was doing it. Now to work on feeling when they show up and the energy differences between them.

Okay, so I’m a little confused because I myelf having only been a student of the left hand path for officially a little over two years (but a satanist a heart nearly my whole life based on hindsite epiphanies), but I can understand the terms Trance-State (which I think is synonymous with TGS (please correct me), Astral Realm, and the concept of Seeing Through the Veil. When you speak of Trance State, and Veil, are those being used synonymously and are they the same as Theta Gamma Sync which is the meditative state one strives to achieve to perform evocation? Help me understand. I’m 49 and have a lot of quick catching up to do!

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Astral Realm = world of ideas, dreamworld (according to some), place of instant manifestation, etc

Trance-State = TGS (I refrain from using the term TGS btw because I do not know if your brain waves are at theta and spike to gamma during this state. I’d need EEG to confirm this)

Veil = that which keeps us from seeing the spiritual world

Sorry for the late reply; I’m tired.