I was performing a evocation since I had some emotional and mental instability I get massive doubtful thoughts but being a left handed practitioner i’ve always got to anaslyse instead of just believe.

I was performing this evocation with Azazel a being I have been with since the beginning, I told him about my doubt and asked if I was even talking to him he said to me " what is real “, I said real is solid facts that can be observed, he laughed and said
” look at the space before you " all I saw was the sprites in the air, I said what am I supposed to see.

He said " don’t think, don’t anaylse at this very moment see beyond, go further, look deeper than ever before ".

Before my physical eyes I saw a hole in the middle of the room and the other side was just atoms and particles.

Shocked to hell, " I said what am I looking at ", he laughed once again and said " Reality torn, for reality is a empty canvas and you hold the paint brush, you want to see a certain image before you but how can you paint something if you can’t observe it ".

I rubbed my eyes believing this was my spiritual sight. IT WAS STILL THERE WTF, I was out of trance In a mundane state and I can still see this massive hole in the middle of the room.

I get back into trance and as I do Azazel says to me
" do not overthink or over analyse, the analysis comes after the observation not during it, I have come through your sense of hearing, now I have shown you a miracle through sense of sight, now you shall feel the touch ".

I said to him what touch and as soon as I did that.
TWO HUGE HANDS I PRESUME, touched me and kept touching me.

Azazel ends with " now you’ve observed, you have had a glimpse of your reality torn before you, I have touched your skin, my words echo through distances you can’t comprehend, now you may analyse ".

And then he gave me a incantation for a seeing beyond this reality and understanding.

I must say holy shit haha, all I have to say is no more doubting mental shifts happy days haha.


That is amazing! Great job! I’m currently pushing myself to go further and beyond, so I’m honestly a bit envious lol. The most I’ve gotten is slightly getting images in my minds eye, slight poltergeist activity, and emotions.
But seriously, great work. :slight_smile: How long have you been practicing evocation?


Thanks and i’ve been doing it for Five years i’ve had loads of phenomenal things happen it’s just I had a serious doubtful perspective I always try to overthink the situation I see myself as a occult / magick scientist and this experience just seals the flood of doubt really


Very nice. I haven’t worked with Azazel but he sounds like quite the teacher

Amazing interaction. Keep us posted

Could you please post the incantation?