Magicians please help thank you

am in desperate need of help. I really want to get EA’s services but because of corona I have no job. I am a mother of 3 kids and I could not even concentrate on them. My bf and I used to live together but after his family bought him his own apartment which is too small for us we have to live separately but then he has cheated on me alot of times and broke my heart that I ended up taking anti depressants. Now he does not want to talk to me after I confronted him of a recent suspicion I have on him due to his activities. I think he still loves me or maybe pity me as he rented an apartment so I can live in it and sometimes helps me financially. But I really want him to be obsessed to me again and love me again like he used to. I want him to miss me and look for me all the time. I know he is drifting away from me but I really want him back. Is there anything like a spell or magic that i can do while i do not have the money yet , so i will have his attention and love again? I would really appreciate your help. Thank you very much. Actually I tried to call on Sallos through the book Demon of Magic but it seems like it is not working for me or maybe I did not do it righ

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There are a lot of thrads about this topic. If you use the search function of this forum you will find them. Just read a little bit and I’m sure you will find good advice.

Although, if you want my honest opinion, the relationship you described here sounds really twisted, and I’m not sure if focusing on getting back to it will have the best outcome for you.


Be aware: you do NOT want a person obsessed with you.

But you’re going to do it anyway, so just follow Helena’s advice, since there are several topics with lots of information on the subject.

All in all, everyone here practice their own magick, so you really don’t need EA to do it for you (nothing wrong with hiring competent occultists services, of course).

This forum’s biggest value is the insane amount of information you’ll find. There are many tutorials here, written by our own members, and available for free for anyone who wants to practice.

Best wishes.


Thank you @ReyCuervo , that is definitely what I am doing right now…Hopefully I will get some insights soon. And Yes, I am going to do it cause I think it is my fault , I pushed him away from me :frowning: :pleading_face:

What I meant is that we’re all occultists here, with a larger of smaller degree of experience unders our belts, but we all are occultists. Anyone can practice magick.

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But I do not know how to really practice Magick. I tried by asking for Sallos and Amon’s help, just yesterday and the other day. Both i could not feel any presence at all, I am not even sure what I was doing was right. The process itself is I am not even sure. I really want to talk to these Spirits more personally and get attached to them but I am not getting any signals. So I am reading around the forums so I will learn more. As of the moment, nothing has sunk in properly yet.

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You can start from zero here.

First, read some tutorials on meditation and practice every day, try to get at least five minutes, twice a day.

Then read the void meditation and give it a shot (starting to do it was a breakthrough for me). Read several grimoires, as many as you can, and try a ritual or two.

That’s the total basic to get yourself started, from there, there is an endless amount of skills to develop, but that should be the starting point.

You won’t speak to the spirits until your senses are working, I’ve been at it a year and I can’t, but that doesn’t mean you can’t task them with something and get results. In any event, move from the mindset you currently have: magick rarely, if ever, works the second it is done. You’ll need time to see results. Sometime a couple of days, sometimes way more.

Where can I find this? @ReyCuervo? I am reading and making notes on my book Demons of Magick and it is quite overwhelming. But before I started the ritual for Sallos the other night, I felt such peace and calmness inside of me as before that I was very anxious. I hope that was him but that was before the ritual though.

Hi, I’m sorry about what you are going through.
You can try petition spells, posted by DarkestKnight. It doesn’t require any experience and is very simple to do.

Good luck, I hope your situation turns out the way you want it to.

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Hello @Andina thank you very much for this, I am going through it right now :slight_smile: :kissing_heart:

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Here, in the forum.

Use the search function, there is a ton of information.

And learn to banish ASAP.

What do you mean I learn to banish ASAP? you mean to banish the demon after the ritual?


Yes. Simple as that. Even if you reach the exact spirit you want to reach, some other creepers can see you and decide to fuck with you. Sometimes it doesn’t end well. I’ve read a million stories about imposters and how much damage they have done in people’s lives.

But learn to banish and you should fine. Magick (as it happens with sports and many other activities) has its own risks. You learn to deal with those risks.

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@ReyCuervo I have learned the "License to Depart " part of the closing ritual from the book DOM, was that enough? I will search the banishing cause I do not know how it is done aside from what the book has instructed

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I think I read that grimoire some time ago but can’t really remember what it said.

In any event, you should check up the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram, it’s a very popular method.

I don’t use it myself, since I first learn the method from an essay called Pop Magick and never had any issue, but I have heard people here uses it all the time with good results.

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Thanks @ReyCuervo doing research on it now… then put all my stuff together to get started with my learning on black magic :slight_smile:


you haven’t learn what’s in the demon of magick book. You are having expectation of movie magick. cast and you get results in less than a day. go reread the book again as you missing the many core information about magick expectations. There’s a whole chapter on it. Also you mixing up info from the forum of which others tell you their experience of contact with just one try. They have been working for some time with magick. It’s not one try and you have contact or results immediately. this isn’t movie magick. be realistic. go reread the chapter on expectation again. heck , read the whole book again. no one can get understanding in one read through. take time for mind to process stuff. It’s even more harder if your going through stuff and not in the right state of mind to learn. Out of desperation , your learning ability is blinded to see many things.


@wisepup Thank you i will reread it again. I will give myself a bit of rest as i think i am bombarded with information now and i love it, just confusing huhu

…just be careful with trying to make him obsessed with you, especially since kids are involved. It’s not like how it is on tv with the target continuously expressing their undying love and wanting to be around you and showing affection 24/7. I’ve been through it and watched the person turn from someone I loved to a crazed & obsessed, angry stalker, and it’s not fun wondering if the person you once loved will hurt you or the child you share because they can’t have you. I’m not saying it will happen to you, that’s just what happened when I thought I wanted someone obsessed with me.

You’re an adult, I’m not going to sway you to not do anything to get him obsessed, because it sounds like it’s what you want anyway, I’m just saying be careful with it.

Good luck💐

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Hello dear, what did you do to make him obsessed with you? He hurt me alot so it is some kind of revenge, as bad as it sounds but for me it is justified as per my experience with him.