Magic takes Power from God

I remember my old pastor said in a sermon that magic takes power from god. I’m not sure if he meant we are literally siphoning power or if magic makes humans independent of God.

Any opinions?


That doesn’t make much sense to me. God, by definition of that religion, is all powerful, so no one can take power from Him.

However, I think the pastor was talking about the difference between magic and miracle working. In Christianity, miracles are performed by God working through the human vessel, where as magic is seen as trying to do miracles without God.


Magick has nothing to do with God generally speaking as the discussion of magick predates the christian faith. However, christian witches/christian wicca in some aspects believe the magick they do is a gift from God or that the magick they do is basically calling on God or the holy trinity to aid their working.

So overall your pastor doesn’t make much sense.


He was the type who condemned lgbtq+. He was a “nice guy“, and well liked in the community. But held Strongly to certain ideas and prejudices.

And btw, you don’t need to make sense to be a pastor. Just charismatic. To me, a church sermon is like a stage performance, not a lecture in a college.


To my eyes, Magic is something that goes AGAINST God, while you aim to change and swift the circumstances of your life, which is produced and directed by Him :wink: lol

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The concept of God and God’s predates christianity. I believe that in my spiritual practice there is an underlying structure of meeting divinity at least halfway if not more or as much as you can and magic is one way of doing that. Working with the elements of nature and the magic thereof in order to see what is possible and then acting in a way that makes your goals real and reached.

Sure, does any god work? If so, you may be left hand path.

That’s not exactly what defines LHP lol.

Cool, is that like drinking from a giant god like root beer float. So awesome. I’m going to drink it dry.

Anyway, I don’t care about old pastors. When I used a more Solomonic approach to demon summoning it was about all the god names and constraining them to come by gods authority. In retrospect, I don’t really think it was the best way of working with the spirits from the Lesser Key of Solomon but it does work. Now looking back on it just seems both over complicated and too adversarial, and also to many demands like some bratty kid.

It is a very complicated question because it depends on the religion that the person who answers believes and practices.
I suppose that the pastor refers to the Abrahamic god, the father god, the father of Jesus, and in this case I agree that, if God by definition is omnipotent by nature, nothing can take away his power.
Secondly, it would be necessary to see what the pastor understands by magic. Technically the Catholic Mass is a ritual, in it there is a part in which the presence of God is invoked and it is prayed to him.

No, it doesn’t. Magick doesn’t belong to god. God didn’t want man to use Magick because he wanted to rule over them (free will is a joke). You have free will as long as you obey me.

The Bible is full of Magick. Angels use Magick like we breathe air. It doesn’t belong to anyone just like written word or music doesn’t belong to anyone. We create Magick because that was something man should have always known. Thank goodness Azazel got pissed :joy:


Kybalion: “All is Mind.”

He was probably just uysing “God” as “Mind” is used in that concept.


He was very literal.

Probably literal, though not sure I’ve seen a pastor use esoteric ideologies that aren’t about obeying God or God that.

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Many Pastors and Priests follow the rules of St. Paul, not Jesus.

Paul became the apostle of the gentles after Jesus died(ed). Blinded by an apparition, the Apostle Ananias (if my memory does not fail me) healed him, and we has transformed as a result as an ardent believer. He is the one who made Christianity popular in deeper Roman Empire.

By him, rules like celibacy and anti-homosexuals became a thing.

If you ask me: he became a fanatic after being witness, and fanatics tend to be blind.


This is what made me forsake Christian religion.
The Christian God needs: a kingdom, a throne, a bunch of henchmen with flaming swords, a law.

A scared God if you ask me.

An absolute God would forsake all authority because an absolute God does not need authority as everything it thinks, becomes. An absolute God would not judge.

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I tend to favor Odin over God because Odin seems to not get involved so much in human affairs. That’s my interpretation. He seems to be content on letting humans govern themselves. Alongside that, he has a tendency of walking among us.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s running a game store or hosting dnd campaigns.

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Odin gets involved in human affairs just as much as any other deity lol. Odin is crooked when he wants to be.

I work with the gods that call out to me or at least aren’t adverse to working with me. Thanks for the input, I mostly consider myself a middle path person.

I did not think so.