Magic solely in your mind?

Hi. I’ve been wondering if any of you could share methods involving nothing but your mind. I tend to get interested in magick texts or books, but due to my situation, it’s hard to perform any ritual involving physical elements. I know there are methods like visualisation or belief (well, they definitely are elements of more complicated rituals either) or reading words of Power or simply intending for something to happen. I was trying to talk to my subconcious and affect it to manifest my desires into the world, but it wasn’t really working. I’ve never fully succeeded in any of that, so if any person here would redirect me to some effective rituals that involve no or minimum amount of preparation (so no stuff like candles, salt, drawing on your floor), I’d appreciate it.


Please introduce yourself first :slightly_smiling_face:


Access to a computer or internet?
Access to youtube?
Have headphones? Welcome to the rabbit hole.

Meditation is one of the number one ways that you can learn to contact / manifest things you would like to bring into your own reality. While in the ritual sense, a lot of people tend to go solely by the book. I think the fact we are currently several generations in the future from those people… It should be changed as well that you can simply focus on things through meditation.

Reading about the entities you would like to work is important but you don’t even have to work with entities to learn to manifest things into your own reality. I know people who write down their dreams and ask questions about them throughout their days. I know people who listen to music and that’s all they do but they are more productive than anyone else I know. It’s just how bad do you want to do what you want to do.

Also, this -

You cannot speak to a tape recorder. The tape recorder can only record what you say and play it back. You have to change your sub-conscious, not tell it to change.

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