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Ok, so here it is. I’ve been mainly interested in Law of Attraction and New Thought movement since, like I said earlier, I was trying to focus on approach based on solely mental work. That being said, I’ve read some other books that deal with spirits, I’ve done some New Avatar Power rituals couple of years ago and charged some sigils but haven’t had success with either of them. I also have Demons of Magick by GoM sice I heard good things about their minimalist, practical and stripped-down approach to rituals, but after reading there you have to do some candle ritual to get things started, I kind of put than on hold lol.
I see that after intending things to happen or just thinking intensively about something, there are lots of synchronicities pertaining to subject of my thoughts. I read it’s sometimes called “partial manifestations” and I had a lot of them over the years. The problem is, it seems these synchronicities are the only thing that happen and never “the real deal” which is like looking at desired products through the window of the shop but never getting it, which is frustrating. That’s why I find it essential to finally break this cycle.


Is this supposed to be your introduction? If it is, you are supposed to make a separate thread in the proper section…


Thanks for notifying me, I have made this a new topic. :+1:

@KOEC have you read the Kybalion? My interests in magick are somewhat similar to yours, hopefully we can chat about this later. :slight_smile:


Welcome to forum. Your best friend on here is the magnifying glass it will answer any questions you may have.


Yes, I have read Kybalion, it’s been recommended to me couple of years ago as essential reading.
Yes, I hope I’ll find some helpful advice and people with shared interests as well. Thank you for warm welcome.

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Welcome to the forum.