Lucius Journal 32: Archangel Gabriel's Warning

Hello, everyone.

First let me just say that I hope everyone is doing well in this pandemic that we have. I will admit, it’s quite boring in the house…but I am using this time to work on music and of course…spiritual growth.

Sometimes, I like to visit one of my astral temples just to meditate. It helps me escape well…life. I sit near a river and just watch it flow, putting me into a state of tremendous relaxation. I’ve always loved the sound of flowing water. There’s something about its frequency that’s just so calm. It helps me relax.

About two hours before I began writing this journal, though, I was paid a visit from an unexpected guest.

Now, when it comes to angels of any kind, I have no experience with them. And to be honest, I never planned to. I simply had no interest in working with angelic beings. I’ve always felt more of an attachment to the demonic. But it appears that regardless of this, I seemed to get their attention, as well, I suppose in regards to the whole Yahweh situation. And I mean in that case…why wouldn’t I?

Archangel Gabriel. The supposed angel of prophecy and messenger of God. I never had the intention of working with this being. But hours ago, it paid me a surprise visit while I was meditating near a river in the astral plane. It is my understanding, from further research, that he can appear as either male or female. For me, Gabriel appeared as female, with features extremely similar to this digital painting:

Her wings were huge, and she wore robes. A lot like this photo:

And well…She had a lot to say.

As stated, I was near a river, watching it flow. When I heard a “thump” in the distance. Like someone had landed. So I turn around.

And I see her, Gabriel with three other beings behind her, walking towards me. They looked like some sort of priests. Exactly similar to this:

Curious, I get up and meet them. In conversation distance, I speak first.

Me: What brings you here? How did you find my place, and who are you?
Gabriel: My methods for finding you are not important. Gabriel. Archangel Gabriel.

When she told me this, I emitted slightly defensive body language. With all that is going on, I did not know how to react to an archangel.

Gabriel: Relax, Morningstar. I do not work for him. I only bring a message. A warning.

I calm myself.

Me: I know what this is about. Nothing you say will persuade me from doing otherwise. You may as well leave.
Gabriel: Trust me: You need to hear me out.
Me: And why would I “trust you”, an angel? How do I know you aren’t lying just to get me to put my guard down?
Gabriel: As I told you, I do not work for him. Not all of us do. In fact, some of us are on your side. Please… I only ask that you listen to what I have to say.
Me: Well…let’s see what you’ve got. I’m all ears.
Gabriel: I know what you are planning to do. We all do. You plan on fighting Yahweh, is that right?
Me: I do. It is my intention to.
Gabriel: I admire your bravery, boy. I really do. You’ve come far. But in regards to this situation, you are in deep waters. I urge you to go no further. For your own good.
Me: Gabriel…I have no choice.
Gabriel: You do have a choice. And I urge you to make the correct one.
Me: And just let him go? After what he did to me? Did you forget who I am dealing with? Whose to say that a psychopath like him will stop? Screw that! I’m going to defend myself!
Gabriel: Fool. I see you haven’t changed a bit. Not everything needs to be solved with violence!
Me: I live in a violent world.
Gabriel: You miss my point. You are a relative of one of Yahweh’s greatest enemies. You fighting him will do nothing but initiate an all-out war. One that will cost millions of lives on both sides. All by your doing. You will have blood on your hands. You are not ready for this.
Me: Gabriel, we’re already at war. It has always been that way. Father and Yahweh have always hated each other! What makes this time any different?
Gabriel: You don’t have to fuel it, Lucius. You can change. You getting involved will have dire consequences. You don’t see the bigger picture! This is bigger than Yahweh. Bigger than Lucifer. There are many more empires within our realm. Are you made to believe that some of them aren’t allied with Yahweh? That some aren’t allied with Lucifer? Let’s say you fight him again. Someone like him will not appreciate being defeated a second time. He will begin to grow more serious in his attacks, until it leads to full war. One that you will be caught in the middle of.

When she said this, I remembered the Morrigan’s vision. Her prophecy. And I began to rationalize my thinking.

Me: Okay…okay. Alright. So what do you suggest I do?
Gabriel: Stop now. All of this. Turn back.
Me: Stop what, exactly?
Gabriel: Live a normal life. Forget about all of this. About the spirits, the Left Hand Path, your entire journey. It is best for you.

When she said this, I began to get a bit angry.

Me: What…? What? Forget about all of this? You want me to just stop? To just quit this entire journey?
Gabriel: I know it is hard, but it is best for you. You are not ready for what is to come.
Me: U-uh. No. No, no, no, no, no I am not quitting this entire journey. That is the last thing I will do. That’s what he wants!
Gabriel: It is what is necessary.
Me: I’m not quitting shit. I have never been more victorious since working with these beings. Don’t you see? I’m crafting my dream life with all of this! Father saved me from suicide!
Gabriel: Foolish child. Is that what this is about? You’re willing to risk millions of lives in our realm just so you can have 80 measly years of fame, money, and glory?
Me: That’s not what this is about! That’s not my entire dream! It’s about my freedom! My happiness! I am a sovereign being. I am a sovereign being. I AM A SOVEREIGN BEING. I just want to be left alone! That’s all I want! I figured the spirit realm would understand this. You’re all suppose to be better than that! Better than humanity! Smarter!
Gabriel: If by this point you don’t see that our realm is no different than yours, then you’re in for a rude awakening. Conflicts…empires…wars…petty power struggles…politics. It’s all here as well.
Me: Then if that’s how it must be, so be it. I’m not sacrificing my freedom just because Yahweh has some sort of Kindergarten dislike towards me. I am not a slave.
Gabriel: Then you can at least try to negotiate with him.

I thought for a few moments.

Me: Negotiate…with a being like him? Have you forgotten what kind of person he is? He cursed his entire generation just because some bitch took a bite of a god damn fruit! And you think he will negotiate with me about my freedom?
Gabriel: I know of his dreadful past, Lucius. But regardless of the things he has done, he is capable of negotiation. It has happened many times before. It is worth trying. It is the least you can do to avoid further conflict. Do you have any better ideas?
Me: I…no…I don’t.
Gabriel: So will you do it?

I thought for a few moments.

Me: (sigh) Alright… I’ll do it. But I hope you know who I am dealing with. If he rejects the offer, i have no other choice but to use force, understand?
Gabriel: You do have another choice.
Me: I am not…giving up my freedom. For anyone.
Gabriel: Pitiful. You would go as far as to risk the lives of your own empire. Your own fellow beings…just for your own benefit? Just for a few years of “pleasure”?
Me: I just want to be free. I just want to be free. Why is that so hard to understand? We all just want to be free. If it means that I will finally be left alone, then yes. No second thoughts. There is nothing wrong with taking care of myself.

She shakes her head slightly in disappointment.

Gabriel: After all of these lives, you haven’t changed a bit, Morningstar. More blood will be brought by your hands once again. You disappoint me.

Me: (Silence)

Gabriel: (To her priests) Let’s go.

They all left through portals.

I sat there by the river for quite a long time, thinking the whole situation over. Really pondering it. I kept asking myself, “is that what it really comes down to? Is this where it all went? Is this what the future entails?”

I escaped to the spirit plane to rid myself of the petty conflicts of Earth. To be around beings who would transcend all of that. But now I find myself directly in the midst of a potential inter-dimensional war. If I got the attention of an archangel, then whose to say there aren’t other astral entities watching my journey, as well? And upon these thoughts, I just kept thinking about Morrigan’s prophecies over…and over…and over again.

I remember when I first began, I was constantly visited by spirits, who would tell me that I developed some sort of reputation in their realm. I didn’t believe it all until now. But that was never the intention at all.

The intention was never to become some sort of inter-dimensional war-leader. Trust me, it wasn’t on my mind at all.

I didn’t come to the forum and write these journals in order to have some sort of LARP-Fest, troll, gain attention, gather energy, or anything of the sort. I write these journals because Lucifer told me to, as part of my agreement with him to turn my life around. He wanted me to write everything concerning my experience with the LHP, and share it with this community. It just so happens that the “cards fell at the right time and place”, and I went from a normal guy to, well…what you see right now. It has all went farther than I originally intended it to go. It’s funny how it all happened in a matter of 6 months. Thing is, Lucifer told me something like this would happen, long ago. Which makes me think…What is he planning?

That being said, I have decided to try to negotiate with Yahweh, and form some sort of peace agreement.

If there is even the slightest potential to avoid conflict, then perhaps I need to take the chance. Perhaps it would be better for me. Why fight, if you don’t really have to? I don’t know how well it will go, because well…I’m dealing with Yahweh. And I’m sure we all know what happened in our last “meeting” together. But I have to at least try. And if we have a falling out, well…

Just know that I tried, Gabriel.

Thanks for reading.

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How interesting that son of Yahweh is supporting you on your Don Quixote journey against Yahweh. :thinking:

Edit:Lmao I just saw your last part of the post, put all your points to charisma man :laughing: My bad :kiss:


I was just thinking about when you would provide an update, then I saw your journal

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Astral ‘Yahweh’ can be negotiated with as far as I know

I also wouldn’t worry, I don’t think anyone considers you an inter-dimensional war leader, that would be too large of a step, while I do agree with ‘Gabriel’ in the sense the spiritual does deal with wars, politics, etc. I don’t think the Canaanite/Judeo Yahweh is out here going to war with some random LHP people over a religion that was man made, Astral Yahweh is very likely to however. Your journals are simply your experiences and that’s all.


Heil Satan 333

Thanks, man. I appreciate it.

I’m just curious: do you yourself have/had personal experiences with this being (Yahweh)?

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In my true self life yes, but in this life on my expeditions to the Judeo pantheon they mentioned how he hasn’t been around but I have mostly been met with the seraphim council, which is partially why I believe Yahweh is most likely reincarnated.


I dont think it would be a bad idea to avoid conflict if you can. Starting a war has many consequences people that you care about will be affected and may resent you for it. The only thing i see this as is one pig fuck you to eachother. Like watching olympian gods fight eachother one god is angry that her husband keeps sleeping with other women, idk. If you make a deal i would think about his tract record for holding up his end of the burgan how likely is he to screw you over.

How interesting is it that you get a visit from Gabriel because last week. Instead of calling on Asmodeus to create my lust familiar something told me to hold it off till this weekend. Instead, I ended up on calling Archangel Raphael. I still don’t know what drove me to do that but it is what it is. I’ll be honest with you brother, I’m a bit of a pacifist and despise violence and if there’s a way for you to do so. I would at least give it a try but I would take it with a grain of salt. There’s a famous saying by Odin, “A wise King never seeks out war, but must always be ready for it.”


I always write them down directly after the experience, when my memory is still fresh. I then share it to the forum the next day.

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I try to get it word for word. Its usually not 100%, Close to 95%. My memory is pretty good, especially directly after encounters.

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i dont post much on here right now, but Lucius, my advice to you is take a break from all the magickal workings, this is just my personal advice, but you do you

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Thank you. I have been considering doing so soon. How synchronistic that you send me this message. :slightly_smiling_face:


damn, Gabriel looks beautiful here :slight_smile:

Holy shit I saw this through divination and I couldn’t really understand it fully. The reading was that he was with a Panetheon of Gods but that ended.

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@Velenos at the time I saw it I thought it was because he seperated himself as in Christian lore. I’ll have to look at the reading again but if I recall correctly there was sorrow involved, which was strange to me. So that actually makes a lot of sense.

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It’s how I’ve viewed/experienced it, but often people find that these beings cannot reincarnate as if they are barred from the choice yet many of us are reincarnated here for our own reasons some even against our own will.

So they apply their own self hate of being human to these beings as a reason why they wouldn’t and from there assume a reincarnated individual cannot be called on but I have been evoked by a number of people myself so working with a reincarnated entity is not impossible.

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Very interesting. How does that work exactly? As in, how is that possible?

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For me I give my personal sigil and they evoke it as they would evoke any other entity, doing so evokes the person’s energy body and they are able to learn from it as they would if they were to evoke Lucifer, Gabriel, etc. Our souls/true selves still hold knowledge of experiences prior to this life and experience gained in this life.

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I see. I think I spoke with you some time ago and shared with you (or maybe it was in response to someone else but you responded to me) that from my experience with divination I saw that the realm in which spirits reside is not physical like this realm. I think I can understand more of that now if the spirit/soul which is separate from the body resides in a place which is above the pure physical realm. That case, sorry for the… jumping to a conclusion? But that is very interesting.

You have me curious, what is it like to evoke yourself in that way? (If you have experience with that)