Lucifer enn chanting

So, I had A urge to chant Lucifers enn suddenly, so I got to my room played this enn and kept repeating it for half an hour, i couldn’t stop myself reciting it even when I wanted to, there was some kind of pull towards the enn. I felt some kind of presence didn’t felt like of lucifer, I saw a slight shadow figure standing at the corner of my room. Now after awhile I started chanting Azazel black flame chant…while I was chanting it I could Feel the atmosphere of my room changing a bit…now after awhile I had a urge to meditate on “powerful lucifer mantra” by Behemoth-X

While I was meditating on it, my head was feeling kinda heavy not extremely heavy, then while I was meditating I had a vision I saw two shadow figures the only thing I could see was their pale white eyes…they took my body and made me stand up (in a vision) I could hear the mantra still, also I could smell some powerful incense (I didn’t even burned one) the incense was coming and going suddenly but it was powerful…then I saw myself naked in my vision standing unconsciously the two shadow figures staring at me…and suddenly I came to my senses and it was gone.

Can anyone explain what was it? And the reason behind it?


The first thing I thought. Maybe it was Azazel from the beginning. Another thing I was thinking maybe a lesser Daemon because of that smell. My senses work the same if something lesser comes through I can smell it.

Another thing is I use the chant more for meditation. Lucifer would say if I would repeat the Enn a 108 times. ‘Why you are saying it over and over again, I’m already here’.


I haven’t evoked Azazel yet, but I did this meditation yesterday.

If you feel this was azazel then what should be done now?
And what if there was some lesser daemon what does it mean?

And I still have urge to repeat lucifers enn because I feel his presence whenever I do it…so can I chant lucifer enn excessively generally? Would it bring me closer to him?

(Sorry for bombarding you with questions I have lots of confusion) :dizzy:

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When I read what you write I got Azazel right away, so I’m almost sure.
You can resonate with multiple spirits and it seems to me you resonate with Azazel. I would look at working towards a goal.
A goal could be awaking your inner light/darkness (powers) by doing this meditation daily and see what you can learn from Azazel.

If you feel that Lucifer comes and you feel that it works for you. Do it. You set your intend, so it’s ok.

I set my intent by doing it 3 times in meditation and 3 times when I gaze at the sigil. and I set my intend by writing things down. But for every person it’s different. If it works. Stick to it. And you can always modify things…

I will surely start meditating to awaken the black flame daily…Thankyou for the advice.!

So awhile ago I tried opening the sigil of lucifer and it glowed but not the whole part but I could see the lower part being glowing. Does that mean it opened?

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In the beginning Sigil gazing is something you learn by practice. Maybe the first time it will take you 10 minutes, while after a while it opens in 30 seconds.

Yes, glowing, lines fade away. You could close your eyes and then see the Sigil. Then you mostly know it’s activated.

And the gazing its self is just like meditating. Breath in deep, breath out and keep looking. If you need to close your eyes do it very slowly so you keep gazing at that sigil.


So does all the lines have to fade away glowing for the sigil to be opened?

No, if its glowing and sometimes lines fade away it’s already charging.

But what does it take for the sigil to get fully charged?

reading your reply makes want to ask if you… if you may take a look on my thread. I would love to hear your opinion:

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Get something out of your mind. It doesn’t have to be perfect. If you pay attention to breathing and gaze and say the enn, you will see some lines disappear. And you will get a blurry sight. That is fine. Then it’s charged.

You can do it as long as you want. It’s not a battery, it’s just a connection ;-). If you see changes then it’s charged. Begin to talk, ask your question. Pretend that your spirit is there. Because it is, only your senses that don’t perceive it at the moment. But that’s why your practicing, it will get better.

If you don’t see or hear anything. Look at your thoughts at the, see if you get an answer to your question. Maybe you’ll get an answer a day later in a book, youtube, google. Investigate.


Thankyou so much.! :heart::dizzy:

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