Lucifer and the Hidden Demons Grimoire

any examples of it working?

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where is the post?

I got what I wanted. But you really should give this grimoire a go. It’s simple but potent.

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I’ve used the pathworking in this book a handful of times . Most recently I did the pathworking for Ormion under Asmodi to remind specific persons what they like about me . & i seen results within the next day . Someone who was furious & overly judgmental about a situation- within the next day was calm and simply stated she just needed some time because I had broke her trust . Which was extremely progressive.


I find this book potent and hope Mr. Rose writes more books.

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Hey I feel like she’s calling me I just want to do this the right way so can u ask her if she can work with me?, I need a favor I want to trust her like everyone else does I just don’t have nothing to offer her rn except an apple & a beer but if she does me this favor I’ll make her altar

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