Lucifer and the Hidden Demons book

Really interested to hear this, thanks for posting. Would you be willing to share your method of mixing this book with Demons of magick? I’d really love to know. I’ve tried to also do this to some extent- a couple of demons, I’ve evoked using the pathworking method in the Theodore Rose book, but I’ve asked for a power that is assigned to them in the Demons of Magick book. Some have different powers in each book. I’m still waiting on results but it felt powerful at the time.

I greatly respect Gordon Winterfield’s work, but the only thing I can’t get on with in Demons of Magick is that when you make your request, you are supposed to state it in the present as if it’s actually happened. For some reason I always have trouble with this method and it just seems strange to me, because I prefer to speak to the demon and tell it what my problem is and what I desire. So I often use the method in DOM but frame the request differently and just tell the demon what I’d like to happen. It seems to have worked just as well but I’d love to hear your method of mixing the two books, if you feel you can share.


I’ll be more than happy to share my method with you here. I’ll need just a few hours, however, before I can. I’m out and about and do not wish to leave any information incomplete and I know myself enough to know that if I’m not looking at my notes, I’ll leave something out!


@Lillith_fan, instead of The Core Ritual, I use the Hidden Demons book to call on Lucifer, Leviathan, Satan, and Belial worth the Pathworking method therein, taking time with each to really sense the keys. After, I follow the DOM instructions for viewing the sigil.

Instead of using the “In the names of El, Elohim…”, I say “In the names of Lucifer, Leviathan, Satan, and Belial…” I did not use the psalms.

While looking at the black triangle, I use the sensory keys for the demon I’ve chosen to work with for my particular need.

After this, I continue with the ritual (mine was the petition). I then thank the demon without the license to depart, thank Lucifer (following the method in Hidden Demons), then read the first line of Lucifer’s keys to end.

I intend to also try this method with others, and will happily share my outlines (barring the reason) if they bring me successful results. I hope, if you try this, you get positive results and I hippie others try varying the methods used. This worked for me but I cannot say if it will be successful for others. I hippie that it is, however.


Thank you for this… I read the book once, and I have done 4 rituals already, but totally forgot about this part, to read the first line of Lucifer’s pathworking to finish the rituals.

I hope that doesn’t affect the results.

I did say to myself “it is done” each time at the end of the rituals, which is something I’m used to do.

Thank you also for your method of combining rituals with DOM. I may try that at some point in the future.

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@ChrisShadows, you’re more than welcome. If you do try it, I wish you the very best results!

I’ve gotten to the point to where I think the first sentence. As Lucifer is the first one to call, it sticks with me. However, I don’t think it would ruin the results.

From the way the book talks (at least my general impression), intent is definitely everything. And since it was your intent to end your ritual, the message got across the wavelength. At least that’s how I would take it.

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I have already posted a topic about this book:

Maybe @Lady_Eva can merge the two threads?

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This current one is from October, probably better having both rather than jumble up the order of replies etc. :+1:

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There are basically four ways of connecting with any entity-
1- Visual, Idols
2- Geometric-numeric representation
4-Physical links

Does the book use something other than this four?


This book’s method is different no sigil, no enn or mantra, no calling of demon just visualization.
Like if you want to work with Lucifer just visualize 3-4 things and you will feel the presence of demon(or not).
And there is hierarchy of demons on top is Lucifer with 3 kings(Belial, Leviathan,Satan) under them are dukes like paimon, amaymon etc and under them are demon servants.
Also for working with demon servants that are at the lowest you have to go by the hierarchy
First do visualization for Lucifer, then ask him that you want to work with that particular demon then call the demon under whose rule that demon servent is like paimon ask for his permission and do visualization of your selected demon servent.( 4 kings then 8 dukes then demon servents)
Also visualization are not about the demon like how they look but about where they live like for Lucifer it is something you are in a desert, there is a black tree etc something like that.
Also if you want to work with other 3 kings you first have to ask Lucifer first.


Jollix, thank you for sharing. I may try this myself later this week.

This book is saying that the lucifer sigil shown on google and here isn’t the original and its a sigil for a lucifer thoughtform.

Whats your thoughts on this?

Also do you have to remember all the pathworkings for all the demons of by heart? I have a bad memory and this will be hard.

So you have to face a wall and close your eyes and then visualize the pathworking for all the demons?

Also which demon from the book can restore my eyesight to 20/20 vision?


You don’t have to remember it, you can just go back and forth with it or if u want write it down/record it for listening


I have also read the book recently on Kindle. Decent content and the pathwork seems to be straight forward.Not long and definitely worth your time to read. Enjoy!.:skull:


Last night lying on my bed I put into practice Lucifer’s pathworking and definitely felt his energy to the fullest. I almost could not sleep the rest of the night because of the euphoria that generated me. The book in that aspect is quite accurate, but I have not tried any spells yet. I have no doubt that it can work.


Just did my first ritual with Apormanos

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Thanks so much for sharing this Jollix! I will definitely try it! I had another success story with this book. Im going to post in the members success thread…


I just bought it. Wow. Long winded explanations of every detail.

I think the gist is you do the pathworking to Lucifer first then the following spirit? Then when it is sensed or seen, you petition?


Yeah basically just ask for what it is you need and then say thanks and leave unless they ask you questions, then clarify, then leave lol


i will remember to thank them. Thank you very much

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