Lucifer and the Hidden Demons book

It’s really interesting to me. It’s like “layers of the subconscious.” The more layers I went “down” the stronger the experience.

10/10 would pathwork again.

Theodore Rose kinda suggests this as well in his commentaries on the “level of imagination” you have to have to do pathworking successfully. It was along the lines of: “As long as the intention is there and you comprehend the images you will have some level of success.” (I am paraphrasing based on my own understanding of the text, though.)

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Also what I found it that is does not have to be “visual”. Maybe for you it is easier for your to feel the image. For me it is like that.

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I received this book just last week, I find that upon, just summoning Lucifer, I can immediately feel a presence behind me, kind of like a light breeze and it was reassuring that the pathworkings as a method of summoning (which confused me at first, see my post about this book and the patronising responses) actually works and is effective.

Where results are concerned, it’s too early to speak, maybe I can update this comment in a couple months or so.

Hopefully 3 years later, the book has done a lot for you :slight_smile:


Yes, many. The best one was that my cat who was at death’s door was healed by the demon Dulid, when everyone said nothing more could be done and I should put her to sleep. I didn’t as the ritual healed her and she ended up living another year. I’m sure I posted about this in another thread on here. It was 2 years ago.


Done my first path working today with Maggid, just wondering your process as I ended up writing everything out, IE the images for Lucifer then Asmodi then Maggid.

Do you do the same for your pathworking ? Or is it ok to flick between pages (kindle) or does this ruin the path working ? Or do you memorise the images before starting ?

Thanks in advance

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I flick between the pages.


It’s an imagination method, you visualize certain scenes in your head and ask your petition, the first escenario it’s always with Lucifer, then move to another or another in your head depending what you are asking for, every Demon has a specific scenario, you do all the process in your head in magick all state.


That’s what I do. I don’t write out Lucifer’s pathworking unless I am summoning only Lucifer, but I write out the others in my journal before performing the ritual. I like to perform the summonings by candlelight since it is more atmospheric and the darkness helps me keep my focus inward. Having to flick through a book (electronic or physical) and hold it and stuff would also prevent me from being fully immersed in the presence of the demons.

Beneath the pathworkings I write my request. This I usually keep as the exact (or close to it) wording as the power of the demon is described in the book. So when summoning Maggid, my request would be that Maggid allow others to bestow gifts upon me. If summoning Parelit, I would request that Parelit compel [name] to decide swiftly and in my favor. I do not specify the decision in my actual request, but I do elaborate on my reasons for summoning the demon beneath my request and/or on the back of the page. The reason for this is that it allows the demon space to act while making my desire clear.

It seems that you may have also missed an important detail from the instructions. This is natural, which is why I have read the book many times, and would encourage you to re-read the text on occasion to catch things you may have missed and allow for an evolved understanding to arise. When you thank the demons at the end of the ritual, you are not thanking them for the results. That would be pushy and presumptuous. You thank them simply for being present and for hearing your request. That is all.


I really love this book, even though I disagree with the author on some of the fundamentals. I hope he releases another book soon.

He kept it all pretty safe and new user friendly. He only included about 5% of the demons of the Abramelin… most likely excluding the more spicy flavors.


Me too.
I go to his amazon page frequently in hope of a new book.

How do you formulate the requests in LHD ritual? Something like the present tense request from DOM - “Somebody does something” or “I want somebody to do something”?

In LHD request what you desire with clarity , you can say I want somebody to do something.
But you need to more clear in your request.
The demon will answer you and your request because it wants to influence in this relality by expressing its powers.

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