Taste of their own medicine...turn their shit back at them!


Liber767 Vel Boengus?


So am thinking about setting an Intranquil Spirit on the guy :thinking:


You may enjoy working with Presfees of Lucifer’s Legion (from Lucifer and the Hidden Demons by Theodore Rose), who has the power “to make somebody suffer in the way they made you suffer.” I’m sure you could ask Presfees to replicate your friend’s suffering as well.

I picked this book up recently, and thus far I am very pleased with both the powers on offer and the Pathworking method of summoning the demons. The process is pretty simple, but the connection is quite powerful. It’s sort of like a reverse evocation - you go the demon instead of them coming to you.


Never heard of that book, does the author have a section on her?

It’d be nice to see my experiences with her validated somewhere else. :smile:


Oh wow @shinri that sounds perfect…Exactly what I was looking/hoping for, so yes I think I may indeed enjoy working with Presfees. Thank you so much for suggesting him/her!


sounds good to me! :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


WOrk with Pan and make him fall in love with an 82 year old granny.

Also can’t help but say this- U R LOOKING HOT A.F in that pic.


Haha, funnily enough I had a similar idea to that but a wee bit nastier!

Aww thanks, that’s made my day! :kissing_heart:


I am reading this book.
It is awesome!!!



There’s a thread for this book, please can you move ypur post on to that one, thank you!


I know a few good ways for her to dominate him if it is still required?

Doll magic is powerful here. Create the doll in his image with a full ritual and ‘baptise’ it to be him and use his DNA or build it on his photograph.
Then weaken the Doll, urinate on it for dominancy and bind it with red ribbon or cord with the females name in capitals written over his name in lower case.

Work the doll nightly and then pull it out for extra stuff as needed and tighten the cords.

Using a Demon sigil and demon will greatly improve this spell. PM me for full details if needed. It works!

When she is finished with him, use a dagger heated in the rituals flame with graveyard dirt on the blade to ‘kill’ it right through the heart… brutal


be very careful with the intranquil spirit … usually has the habit of turning against the magician


Thanks appreciate your concern.
Am aware of how unpleasant they are (have worked with them previously) and did actually choose not to use one in the end.


Aww thank you, in this case it’s all been taken care of.
Did a couple of rather nasty workings on him.

I have done doll work in the past but not something I put in practise very often…hmmm maybe I should ha!

This I really like and has gone into my notebook for future reference :smiling_imp:


The secret behind a successful Doll working on a man is in the female Urine to dominate it once linked. Add a razor blade to its abdominal cavity for some extra oomph too if required.

This has never failed me. Glad you got the problem sorted. The guy was probably a Narcissist. The impotence hex would also be a good option here :slight_smile:


Oooh that’s delightful!

I did actually go with a “limp dick” hex combined with a twisted version on a compact mirror spell


Good work. I rarely do Hexes,but when it is needed it is needed. Why be a victim when we have gifts?

If it is for a player, I have special one that Lucifer takes care of and they usually knock their teeth out and get leg ulcers. Not a good look for cheating with !


I’m the same!
I’m not shy about verbally castigating/castrating someone so tend to “curse” in a mundane way.
For me to decide to use a magick hex then it’s because it’s truly required and I have no qualms in casting one with a stony heart and no mercy.


can I PM u for more info? @anon88243269


You can, but due to me getting so many daily emails requesting I do magic for free or paid, have to just say I do not do this. Nor do I do love Magic at all. Other than that, you can