Love spell

Does anyone know how to perform love spells if so are they really worth doing? Does it really help the person while trying to bond ?

I’m just attracted to someone who lives super far from me

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But do you want to get this person to you? what are the feeling of this person towards you?

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Love spells can be the most baneful thing to do to a person or more like an invitation depending on your intent and how you do them. Invitations get ignored a lot, but do work when it’s mutual, attempting to usurp free will can send them mad. Sometimes people lose interest and were never that serious but the target stays obsessed and miserable. Sometimes it’s just a battle of wills and might is right.

I’ve done two love related spells, a contact me spell that worked great, and a love spell that fizzled romantically but did warm up a regular friendship.

You have to consider your targets psychology I think. They may have other reasons that override feelings. I recently found out about attachment styles, and that seems to have a big effect on whether a love spell will be resisted. If they are avoidant attachment style it doesn’t even matter if they love you they will still be afraid of intimacy and not act on it.


To be honest I just wanna get their attention

O no I don’t want them to fall for me over a spell or get obsessed I just want them to notice my feelings that’s all, the rest I want it to be natural

Maybe try Vuall? He has the ability to allow one to sense the potential in a relationship. So asking him to do this for the other instead of yourself should work.

Sense a relationship. If you want to sense how a relationship might develop, use this power. It can be used before a relationship is happening, or when you have been with somebody for years. It lets you sense what the future holds. Nothing in the future is stable so this only shows you the most likely future, and you can act on what you sense, to change the future. You will gain a sense of the future through flashes of insight especially when you are talking to the person, and this may go on for some days or even weeks, after the ritual.

Hargrove, Corwin. Goetia Pathworking: Magickal Results from The 72 Demons (Magick of Darkness and Light) (p. 132). Kindle Edition.


Can you share the contact spell? Also the love spell too?
My target attracted me two years ago using a romani gypsy spell. Its effect still lasts on me even though his intentions were to just sleep with me a few times and then discard me. I want him to have a taste of his own medicine. He also got me pregnant and i had a very early miscarriage. Not fair as i was made to have unprotected intercourse with him.
He has a strong protection and seems to either regularly banish magic or recharge his energy and i want to overcome this because i had enough.
He uses the effect of his spell to humiliate me and bond with other people when he is not in the mood to sleep with me.

We tried to remove it with @Forneus but the energy is still returning. Last year i did 3 times chord cutting and the chords reconnected. So i guess it is fair for him to fall for me and then having to go through the pain of not being able to stay away from me and having to explain to everyone his lying.

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If you want it natural then let it develop naturally.
I agree with Mulberry, the best spell is to look into the potential of the relationship.

If in the future you change your mind, instead of a love spell do a spell for removing any obstacles that might hinder the relationship. You dont want any exes lingering energy to destroy what you are trying to build

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They’re all collected in one handy dandy place, so that’s a big yes. 7th post down:

The Vuall thing is “ask Vuall” which you can do via sigil or evocation (or any spirit communication technique you like really), and we have a bunch of those to choose from to: pick whichever one you like best they all work:


Ok i will have a look. Thank you.
Also could you please message me about the recharging of this guy? How do i destroy his defences that keep going up?

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Sure! I have something for this as I broke attractions I had that did not serve me, more than once. I’ll PM.

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Aww thank you so much. You are always amazing :heart:

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The prop is I’m a shy person so waiting for his attention would be like waiting to have wings and fly

well when it comes to magick you’re gonna have to be patient because it can takes months if not a few years…
I’m sort of in the same boat, I love a boy and he lives super far away from me. We haven’t spoken in months now and I miss him. I’d like us to talk again and then more…but I better get my skates on and start doing some magic instead of crying about it, right?

Well I can’t say if it’s right or wrong cause I still don’t even know about mine. I just wish I had the courage to talk to him as two people but nope when I see him all I have ever said is hi that’s all