Love spell through the Master Key and Goddess Ishtar (Holy Shit this is incredible)

So, I have a love interest that isn’t interested in me enough, so I wanted to do a love spell but have her retain free will. I didn’t want to control her mind, but her emotions.

It was hard trying to come up with an idea that’ll work, but I heard Ishtar calling to me via my master key.

I heard the call, and performed the ritual.

I used a sharp blood lancet and pricked 2 holes into my arm, drew the seal out, and traced over it using that blood. I evoked Ishtar through the seal and she proceeded to tell me I needed to open the gate directly to her via covering her whole picture with my blood and sexual juices. Afterwards, she told me to soul travel to the girl. I did, and I found a gateway leading straight to her heart, beating and everything. She proceeded to instruct me to take her heart out, and command it with what I want to happen. I did it like a normal candle spell. I then placed her heart back. The gateway closed up. I ended the ritual by burning both the seal and her picture in unison. I hope for results soon!

Hail Ishtar!



Wow that’s elaborate eh !!!

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U mean ishart seal,? Or u use a chaos seal,? I dnt get tat part. If its ishart, seal i only see 1 seal of her bfre,

I used this sealf0227833ba304b473cfbbcfbb0fb0687e8fb95e9


what is a “master key” ?

It’s the seal above. It’s an ancient technology. J.S. Garrett can give more info than I can


Great but are we talking the Egyptian Ishtar, rgt,? I have a book and seal looks a litle difrent tat tis, but i guess im giving out a shot. Thanks

I haven’t really studied her. I just had a calling and I answered. All I know is she’s by Shemyaza’s side.

Ok. Thanks so much

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Let me know how it goes for you!

Hmmm, intriguing. Was this your first time evoking this specific spirit?

Yes. I’ve evoked other goddesses of love and war but none have taken me this close to where the magick happens.


Have you seen your lady friend since you’ve performed this ritual?


Mina did u read pascuale batyista dijin book. Ir secrets of the infern french book,? I was wonder

Unfortunately no. We’ve been talking less. I really want this too. I already have my life set up the way I want to, except the relationship aspect of it. I don’t wanna get into too much detail but her and her bf were split up for a little while, so I thought I could swoop in with some magick. He’s a cool guy and all, but he’s holding her back. He wants a family and her but all he wants is the “easy” life doing low end contract work. She wants more, she tells me she loves him but wants way more in life. I didn’t just do this for myself. Things have gotten to the point of not even seeing most of my messages. I wanna do more but I don’t know what else to do.


I have not. I tried to look em up but couldnt find what you are talking about.

That sucks!

I found this love spell while browsing the forum. It seems pretty intense, not sure if you’d like for it to play out like that though There are simple break up spells you can do as well. Thats likely what I would do if I were in your shoes.

Here, its 1.alistar,il libro magico dei djinn.he has a few writers name, i like tis book. And its italian. But also secrets of the infern is french. Has 2 djinn rituales, just wonder if u read tat. Thanks,


since i’m on a gatekeeper pathworking they’ll have to approve it

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It’s not working because you are doubting your magick . Hope is the worst thing you can do for your magick bc hope=doubt . You must expect it to work otherwise it’s just desperation . You must overcome the desperation and see it thru . Forget about it . And it will come