Love binding spell question

Hello dear people

I have browsed here in the forum and on other pages for a long time and still have not come up with clear answers. If I tie my girlfriend to me, what happens afterwards? Can’t you leave me afterwards? How does a binding spell work? I would be very grateful for any answer

Depend wat u use bloid, semen dolls items etc if u bury on ground in box o wood or put safe in a dark place or grave. Nothing will happen maybe obsesion. Or nothing. It let go, depend u case tru some spirts such astaroth can make stronger. Or how u call the bind, 1 year 2 eternity, etc its why you bind peopls set a time.

All I can offer is what happened to me after I had binding work done. I’m stuck with the guy in my life until I die. It was cute at first when I thought I loved the guy until reality set in and I found out his true colors. I can’t leave him alone even if I wanted to, and he makes sure to remind me of that all the time. I’m not getting into detail, but yeah, I would think twice before binding anyone to you.

Be careful getting this type of work.


I can relate to that, I periodically fall into the trap with someone I binded to but it isn’t healthy for me to be with him.