Love binding spell question

Hello dear people

I have browsed here in the forum and on other pages for a long time and still have not come up with clear answers. If I tie my girlfriend to me, what happens afterwards? Can’t you leave me afterwards? How does a binding spell work? I would be very grateful for any answer

Depend wat u use bloid, semen dolls items etc if u bury on ground in box o wood or put safe in a dark place or grave. Nothing will happen maybe obsesion. Or nothing. It let go, depend u case tru some spirts such astaroth can make stronger. Or how u call the bind, 1 year 2 eternity, etc its why you bind peopls set a time.

All I can offer is what happened to me after I had binding work done. I’m stuck with the guy in my life until I die. It was cute at first when I thought I loved the guy until reality set in and I found out his true colors. I can’t leave him alone even if I wanted to, and he makes sure to remind me of that all the time. I’m not getting into detail, but yeah, I would think twice before binding anyone to you.

Be careful getting this type of work.


I can relate to that, I periodically fall into the trap with someone I binded to but it isn’t healthy for me to be with him.


Hi. Can You give me some advices how to do that please?

Hi there @anon48510557,

I can only give you my own experience as an example.

I once bound two men to me, on two separate occasions.

The first one was a boyfriend, and he stayed loyal to me sexually, even if his true nature was to seek out sex with other women. I admit, it was exhausting having to keep working on him; I employed an old hoodoo trick in which you capture his semen and smear it onto a piece of string the size of his manhood when erect. Using the string, you called out to him, and for every reply you got from him, you knotted it until you have seven in a row. I then kept this string hidden in a poison ring which I wore all the time. I got what I wanted; absolute fidelity. But he fought against it. I eventually released him when the relationship ended.

The other case was when I bound up a lover’s nature in a similar fashion, as well as employ the old rubbing the apple between my legs hoodoo trick. The problem was not that it worked, but that it worked a little too well. He became nasty and vitriolic, possibly because he was also subconsciously fighting it.

Moral of the story? You can bind someone to you, but be sure you actually want them stuck to you.

Just my two cents. Hope it helps.


How did you do magic with an apple? Can you share?

Hi @Martyna_Wenelczyk,

It’s an old African American hoodoo trick, similar to putting your menstrual blood into a person’s food.

You simply take an apple, and rub it between your legs. Make sure you get some of your lady bits actually onto the apple.

Then give it to them.

You could incorporate a chant, but for me, the rubbing was enough. I just visualised them being totally in my thrall.

You can find references to this type of magic going as far back as the records of Henry M Hyatt, the historian who wrote extensively about his experiences with Afro American conjure. This magic is found across many cultures.

Hope that helps.

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There are tons of threads about how to bind someone to you. Please do some due diligence before doing this type of work and take advantage of the search function, the little magnifying glass at the top.

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I didn’t find anything what spoken to me

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Start here, I’m sure you’ll find something: