Lots of education just arrived!

Time to soak up some more knowledge


Let the good times roll! :slight_smile:


The feeling of owning the real book must be nice , I have all of them on kindle :pensive:


Same… still very effective though and that’s what really matters. At least you can also take them with you anywhere since you can have them on any device.

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Yes I’m travelling at the moment and re-reading some of favourites :blush:

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Magnificent. I’ve recently picked up Koetting’s complete works, though I’m not a big fan of anthologies.

My own work is not so much rooted in spirit sigils and the goetia, so I’ll probably end up binding a few leather books by hand, and copying out what I find most useful, in the order I want it.

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I’m currently sitting here readying The Book of Azazel, I’m on the second chapter, “The Meeting”, and I realized as I sit here and read about the ritual performed with E.A.’s then wife Shawn to posses her by Belial, I caught my self smiling in joy and excitement as I read what took place and all those present and participating, giving their blood for this ritual and possession to happen. This is a path I’ve considered for many years and I know now that this is my home. This is where I belong. I can’t explain how amazing that feels inside.