Lost Cat (Update: Now Found!)

Just like Nyxifer, I last saw my beautiful cat on Christmas day. She is a slight, timid soul and would never usually be out all day.

I have searched. Called RSPCA and local vet.

I have a bad feeling and wonder if anyone more experienced can ‘see’ what has happened to my darling Lowry, please? I just need to know.

Thank you all so much.


she ia a beauty have you tried scrying? if not i can walk you thru it and see if i can ask one of my patrons to help finding magick was something i wanted to learn anyway i can try and help you as best as i can i love animals and she needs to come home

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Hi Bunny4Cam

I’m afraid I don’t know how to do that.

I just want her to come home xx

Yes please please do ask your patrons.

Thank you so very much.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

And if she is just lost and anyone can guide her home - please do let me know.

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skrying will locate her yo can have an entity make her come home that is good with speaking to animals or if your close cast a telepath spell to tell her to come home

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This kinda perfect.

I’m not an experienced witch, though.

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no need i can work through it with you for scrying you’ll need a local map and something that will swing freely also long as well ill pm you the telepath spell as well and i’ll councle with furfur to get his help

I’m getting the feeling she’s in good hands, I saw her being lifted up by someone and they’re caring for her, but PLEASE, I’ve been through this heartbreak myself, don’t attach too much to what I say, I don’t know for sure and certain, it’s just the impression I got.

Try calling on this angel, no need for opening sigils, TGS or anything unless you can readily do all that - just call the Angel and ask they have Lowry returned back to you, safe and happy, as soon as possible


Oh thank you - thank you so very much. Yes I will do this. And someone else is ‘scrying’.

What a wonderful community.


You fill me with joy, Lady Eva. Thank you xx


Please place this in context though, I’m not infalliable. :heart_decoration:


Duly noted x

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I’m so sorry you had to go through this too… it’s a damn awful feeling. I’m still a newbie when it comes to divination but I’ll see what I can sense for you tonight. :hearts:


i was told she is in the surrounding area so she is close but not close let me know when you ready the quicker the better

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Am ready now

Thank you so much xx

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So sorry to hear! I have 3 cats and it is heart breaking when anything happens to them. I will try and help. I don’t know if it will do much but I’ll try petitioning some spirits for help. Lucifer and a couple of demons helped heal one of my cats recently, maybe they can help in your situation. I really hope she returns! Please keep us updated! All the best.


I live out in the country and near a nasty road. The year I let Fuzzy outside he got out of the fenced yard. He was gone for a week before he came back. Sometimes they go places. Some cats that like outside/inside via cat doors have more than one person they stay with and make rounds. Cats are crafty. I hope you find her. It’s never easy when they go missing. It’s worse really because you generally don’t know. So pray, offer, and work on your remote viewing and senses. Don’t forget to sleep and dream.


I see Lowry run up to a young girl kneeling under a big tree. She holds her up and looks at her collar to try to identify her owner.

So I would guess that she is in good hands for now–BUT take this with a grain of salt, I’m certainly not an expert at this. Here’s hoping a safe and speedy recovery of your lost kitty! :crying_cat_face:


Thank you so much for taking the time to write. And ‘seeing’ what I cannot.