Lord Belial: the Anarchist One

A message from Belial:

They say I have no master because I am my own master. It is not that I do not recognize or hate authority, it is that I do not trust it. You all are familiar with the saying, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” For many centuries, in many civilizations, and forms of “government”, the people suffer and the elite in power benefit.

You are gods! You must master yourselves. You know right from wrong. You don’t need “Law and Order” TV shows to rule over you! Haha! You can raise our own children. Stop Being deadbeat dads. Stop depending on government assistance.

Start your own business. Use the capitalist system properly without nepotism or cronyism. Yes, you can protect yourself without police and military. Create your own hospitals without a medical system. Put out your own fires without a fire department. There are volunteer fire departments, you know. There are volunteer militias, you know.

Educate yourself and your children without universities and school systems. A piece of paper does not mean you are any smarter or more powerful than anyone else. Does that diploma put a roof over your head, pay your rent/ mortgage/bills or pay for your groceries?

No! Stand up and be the gods that you are!




Good message! :smiley:

But what does he mean with a diploma doesn’t put a roof over your head? Or pay your bills?

I’m very sure that my degree will land me a well paying job so that I can rent a nice apartment and to buy food. :innocent:

I wouldn’t be college if there wasn’t anything to gain…

But he’s right on education and “the system”… I can further educate myself in various topics of interest or I can educate my future children from books.


I’ll go out on a limb and say it means doing a cost-benefit analysis about what people who have that paper actually get, in some cases it will work, but our society in the UK and I think USA too are overly hung-up on higher education and degrees, and in many cases the debt caused actually cripples that person’s future.

It’s also led to soaring incompetence, as employers favour graduates for management roles over people who worked up from the shop floor/mailroom so to speak, which is fucking our economies and society itself at a deeper level because it means a lot of skilled and worthwhile jobs are now dead-end, because you will never progress upwards through merit alone.

This is the kind of abuse of power - the paper-bearer over the one with skill - I have observed Belial dislikes the most, so I can, if I’m correct as to his meaning, understand his statement here.


My best friend had a degree in psychology. . She couldn’t get hired for what she studied because they keep their jobs for virtually forever … if there is an opening they hire friends.

She couldn’t get a regular job like cashier and what not because they thought she was over qualified and would leave as soon as she could.

She only got a job at Lowes after she stopped even putting down on applications that she had a degree



I understand :slightly_smiling_face: It’s true. People go to expensive universities only to get in insanely high debts…
The UK and US have crazy high tuition. It’s ridiculous…

And also the employees working years and years should have the chance to go higher up in management. I wouldn’t mind that, but that’s because I have a military mindset. I’m not some spoiled entitled millennial brat who thinks he can be the CEO of any company. Put me in the lowest level of job functions, i’ll work my way up.
The best engineers are the ones with hands on experience in the field… The ones who climbed the ladder. From the mud up until management or something.

The only way is through ranking up and hard work.

Yeah our system is pretty fucked up.

Edit: those high debts are really a problem for people who do some pleasure studies like social studies, or other useless degree in a oversaturated job market. Thousands and thousands of psychologists, economists, historians, and other scholars end up in huge debt and no job…

I always said, don’t bother going to college… Unless it’s for a STEM degree ( Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics).



Yes! That’s a HUGE problem nowadays in all western societies.

In my country: The Netherlands, we have an overabundance of people with useless college degrees because they don’t think clearly.

They don’t think ahead in the future of what society needs, they just do some random study, JUST to have a degree, but they end up in over saturated job markets…


I started meditating on Belial’s sigil recently and these nagging thoughts popped into my head. His voice said, “I agree with you. I share your thoughts. Put these in that BALG forum. The ones who truly know me will know they are from me.”

Speaking of the “Law and Order SVU” TV show, he says he likes the character of detective Olivia Benson. He likes that she is a strong person that is yes, very beautiful and very intelligent. Despite her hard life and being raped several times, even as a police officer, she has worked her way up to the powerful position of Captain of SVU police force to help protect people. Belial respects this woman’s authority in that she is not an elitist that wants to rule and control people. This is the way power is supposed to be used. If she were a real person, he would make her one of his queens. We should all try to be more like Detective Benson he said.

King Paimon chimed in and said he agrees with Belial’s analysis of this character. If more politicians and police officials were like this in real life, this would be a more just society.


Belial thinks Olivia Benson of Law and Order SUV is hot! OMG! :+1::heart_eyes::smiling_imp::cupid::heart::sparkling_heart:


There is a reason, good sir, why many entrepreneurs think of a college degree as being worthless. Not useless, but not worth the investment.


Fucking Perfect :ok_hand:

It is worthless when you want to get rich or building your empire by investing / real estate. You don’t need any degree for that. That’s true.

Apologies to the mighty Belial, but Benson is not a captain. She is the commanding officer of SVU but she holds the rank of Lieutenant.

I completely agree with his assessment of the character though. She is always fighting with the higher ups who prioritize politics over saving lives and protecting her people :+1:


The character embodies justice. That fight is sometimes an uncomfortable one, though necessary. Apathy has no place with justice and what is right. It’s easy to say something is wrong, quite another to take an active stand to demand accountability or to prevent the wrong.

Belial is one hell of a anarchistic one

OMG, I love this!! It truly resonates with me. Thanks so much for sharing :heart:

Hell yeah Brother! :+1:

Wow, was Belial prescient or what (or were you @CyberLord?) Just watched the season premiere of SVU and lo and behold! Benson is promoted to captain, and I was reminded of this old post. lol


I’m just seeing Belial with his feet (hooves?) up, slouched in front of the TV on a sofa in some darkly-lit room in hell, chips and dips to hand, trying to get through a complete episode for once without yet another bloody magician calling him up to get their ex back! :rofl:


Thank you for this amazing message.