Lord Belial: the Anarchist One

So Lord Belial was almost a year off. Or was he?

Yes, I’m amazed at this too. Olivia Benson is a Captain of the SVU Division of the NYPD.

So this proves again that the Lord of Anarchy himself gave me this message.

Hail Lord Belial!


I am still amazed at the power and majesty of Lord Belial.

Right now, I’m watching a TYT (The Young Turks) episode where they mention how low-wage workers are seen as low-skilled workers. Which we know is not true. As we know, low-wage jobs usually come with low or no benefits. Especially medical care.

All this system/machine ensures is that employees are seen as something other than people (human resources). Poverty is seen as a moral failing, not as a major failing of modern society. If you are poor, it is your fault. You are deficient in intelligence or socially in some way. The corporate class continues to get richer and richer at the expense of the people who work hard for them and can’t get anywhere.

As much as I criticize the socialists, they are right about corporations controlling the government and exploiting the people. It is this exploitation that Belial is against. He is not against capitalism. He is not against the government in general. It is only that capitalism and government must serve the people. Not the other way around. In other words, he does not favor authoritarianism.

He is for self-sufficiency. The more independent you are of the system, the better.

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