Looking for some assistance

Please share with me information conserning the black flame. But can you do it in your own words? I’m curious to know what other people think of the black flame. Particularly entities who’s form appears like black flames with red eye’s and fire in their mouth.

I have received information about these being through my own methods but perhaps there’s something you are willing to share. Thankyou.

I posted the experience on another thread, but I’ll put it here for simplicity:

Shortly after this is when I not only met Lord Belial and Lord Asmodeus, but all sorts of demons started making themselves known to me.

These beings of black flame were one of them, and yes, they feel like a race of demon to me. One would love to manifest either in the corner of my room, or at the foot of my bed. I had removed all electronics and other sources of light from my room. I also had black-out curtains. The only time they would come out was when it was pitch black in my room.

Even though it was pitch black, I could still see them. Especially those red eyes and mouth. The one I interacted with in particular had red sclera and black, double-slitted pupils. No discernible iris, unless it was the same color as the sclera.

As for my experiences with them, they have been quite fruitful. They’ve taught me anti-life energies. It is very different from the necromantic type of anti-life. This type of anti-life I describe is very unnatural, vile. That’s the best way to put it. I’ve also interacted with demons that many would consider “parasites”. They taught me how to feed on toxins and thrive on it. I’ve also learned how to feed on human suffering.

Either way, I embrace them and I can feel the black flame deep inside my being. I connect with demons deeper than any human. It just clicks.

I have lost my family and I don’t have friends who stick around for long. However, I have always been accustomed to solitude. I welcome solitude and embrace solitude. Away from humans. I don’t understand humans; I don’t connect with humans.

Anyway, there’s some info and experiences…


That’s spot on. I try not to refer to the black flames as demons but vile is a good word for them. I often refer to them as cruel solitary spirits. I’m guna tag you in a post. I hope that’s cool.

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How you describe everything is just like them. Icy but with a strange warmth afterwards and how you lost your family. I’m sorry that happened but at the same time I feel encouraged as though I met spiritual kin.

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Would you like me to post this on the thread you tagged me on?

And as for my family, yes it’s rough; however, I understand the “why’s” of it. I have embraced it.

Yea that would be cool. Whenever I would sense the black fire drawing near, it’s presense was thick and as though it grew as it drew nearer. One time I found my black fire… friend in the spirit. He was looking through a portal to his past watching again what happened to his family. I didn’t look directly in the portal but instead just stood near my friend. That was the first time I realized the black flame can incarnate as humans.

I’ve had a similar understanding experience about my life. Like I can’t really blame anyone for anything because I see why they are how they are too. It’s like I could see humans as part of a mechanism which influences all our responces. We’re all incorporated into greater bodies like the workplace because we have to be. Other people get absorbed into a stereotype person losing individual identity.

I need individual identity like I need air. I need to feel like I am pure me even if in that moment I am nothing itself. And I don’t like anything attempting to pull me into a greater body. I abhor being a microscopic bit, like a cell or a brick.

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