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So the blood moon is approaching and my toddler started making wishes recently. Normally i wouldn’t be concerned about this except she’s started wishing super hard for specific things and telling me its important. My wife and i also had some very bad omen dreams about this as well. What do i do to stop something bad happening? Can I just make sure she has her wishes before the blood moon and then she has nothing to try and work with? She’s obviously developing and flexing abilities and I’m not sure how to help her. Any input at all is highly valued

I don’t get it - what’s wrong with the wishes she’s having? Or, what’s wrong with having wishes? - they can’t be that crazy if you can deliver them all in advance yourself… ?

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The issue is the vibe of magicks in the air when she makes a wish and that she keeps telling me she’s wishing to a black cat. The wishes aren’t something that’s impossible for me to make happen its just that my wife and i are at odds about it. We Agreed to her wishes and said we would make them happen and she said she was going to send the black cat away. Then a while later my wife said we were just going to have to pretend to make her wishes work and she starred talking about wishing to her black cat again. I’ve cleansed the household and set up guardians, but I’m rather worried still. I’m not worried about her making wishes in general, I’m worried about the power I feel and her saying she’s doing things she’s not supposed to before the blood moon

Sounds to me she has inherited some power so this black cat is likely a servitor she has unknowingly created from her subconscious. Such natural talent happens occasionally. In this case cleansing and guardians are useless as she can just recreate the servitor from her subconscious and the guardians can’t take action without moving against her which would likely violate the rules they have to abide by. Two courses of action I see are either suppress her abilities until an older age with 8 or 9 being best and then try teaching her or letting them develop naturally. Best option would be early education on magick and utilizing these powers in a controlled fashion. A focus item to help curb and utilize them is recommended such as a crystal which would be a focus to keep stray thoughts from interfering when she utilizes the abilities at a young age. Don’t worry so much about the blood moon either.

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She’s currently 2 and a half so 8-9 is a long way away. How would i even suppress her abilities until she’s even just a couple years older so she can learn correct processes

Sounds like this black cat won’t be stopped from helping your kid out, OP!

It feels to me like that might be her ‘higher self’ that’s getting triggered by her wishes, and humans can’t really stop highers from being connected to their lowers. If she’s a shaman, then you trying to act as her intermediary will only get bad eyes drawn to you. Destiny has a peculiar way of shitstomping resistance, and if this black cat is tied to her as a consciousness, you should reconsider your approach- facilitate her flow as a bouncer and reference, because if she’s already talking to beings that ignore your efforts, forcing a shutdown can bring all sorts of nasty consequences immediately into your lives.

You reek of fear-smell, which is normal for a parent whose trying to protect their child. I think you need to assess your fear, and see where it stems from- it’s quite possible that you’re overreacting, but it’s also quite possible you’re picking up on aspects of the situation which aren’t apparent from where others stand.

Don’t try to quell your fear, look for why you do fear- it can be hard to disentangle your impressions, but it’s necessary. You may have a natural-born wizard on your hands; my family always used to try to get me to stop talking to the transparent werewolves that would follow me around, but I never stopped chatting- just sharing. You might not want your kid to cut you out like that?

Redirection! Instead of trying to shut her off, try to get her to spill the details by encouraging artistic and creative abilities. Drawing is huge for kids! Anything she’s negatively experiencing will trickle into her art, and probably be apparent to you as a spiritually-minded person, OP.

Are you trying to hear the words she does? Writing is a better way to get those out! Combined creative activities can do wonders for self awareness, and has the added bonus of giving you an in to her perceptive processes. :slight_smile:

PM me and i can give you a lot more details about what’s going on and why I reek of fear-smell. I am definitely in a freak out state, especially since mommy is pushing it off the way she is because she didn’t see what I’ve been experiencing all day

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Suppression is mainly a telepathic and energetic lock. You would basically insulate her and absorb excess energy and intent past a certain level is the safest way. The telepathic side is just a mental intent to tone it down. It might not stop all things but it will lessen their effect to manageable levels. I do recommend just teaching her though at the same time so she learns sooner and those protections can be taken down. It is akin to wrapping a live wire with rubber or adding weight to make a task more difficult but in time she will probably grow strong enough to get past so you can’t wait too long to begin her education.

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What would be the best way to start educating a small toddler before they hurt themselves? I would like to get on that process as best as possible

I suggest you pick up the book Magical Healing by Josephine McCarthy OP, she’s a wise woman who, in that book, has a lot of good information for figuring out what’s going on internally as a result of energetic input. That could help you understand the lay of the land! :slight_smile:

Well it is unlikely they will hurt themselves as much as just cause general chaos. Include her in some of the work you do and have her help in your safer spells and rituals. Let her see how it is done and sense it. Children are a lot better at perceiving energy than adults so she will learn fast. Teach her fun visualization exercises to focus on things in an effective manner preferably with something as a focus to weed out stray thoughts like a picture or object and keep her away from negative entities or lower plane beings. Higher elemental beings are pretty good at teaching children too just make sure to keep the vibrations in the home high so only the good ones can come in and help out. Leave some offerings for them too and make that part of the experience. Sylphs, undines, gnomes, and salamanders are the general elementals of each element and when welcomed in under good hospitality and respected they return the favor.

I have a Salamander Queen in my keep that works with me and i could have work with my child, but my wife’s rule is that everything we have around just keeps her safe and doesn’t heavily interact with her beyond that. I can’t really include her in any of my workings because my last few have been evocation, an amped up suffering/death curse, and a higher level love/anchoring&chaining spell. I don’t know how to do any basic workings that i can use with her

I will definitely look into it when i have the money available to pick up a copy

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Try including more protection and beneficial spells for yourself and the family or just basic energy work such as infusing crystals with energy for certain effects like luck for the day or such. Small things that are simple and don’t take much time or effort but can add up.


I’ll definitely start talking with my wife about starting there. I guess we’re in for a long road since she for sure is a natural. She puts out energy like when i do an evocation when she makes a single wish. She’s been making the same ones about 3 or 4 times in a row, up to twice a day, for about 2 weeks now

Oh yeah… powers seem to compound and grow stronger in some bloodlines. Seems that is definitely the case here. I have some things i can pm you later that you might be able to adapt.

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That sounds wonderful. I just need to get my wife on board with some convincing

I’ll send you the stuff tonight. I’m on mobile right now and that much typing just doesn’t work well without a computer.

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I look forward to it