Looking for an invocation of lilith

Look for some rituals and evocations of The lilith of any recommendations

Try the books of Asenath Mason on Qliphothic works and draconian rituals.



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You could create your own or even just a search on the net will provide you invocation methods and rites of Lilith which has wild, chaotic and boundless energy. Be prepared to do some random things on it and can be quite sexual by nature.

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You may use the 15 minutes (on loop) or 1 hour video for background “music” (Lilith’s enn will do as well), camphor and/or sandalwood as incense. Get a black stone which will represent Lilith, otherwise a statuette of a female warrior or vampire. These are only suggestions, included illuminating the room with an ultraviolet lightbulb, I wouldn’t want to complicate too much the whole thing.
Draw her sigil, look at it for some minutes then say or repeat “Lilith, goddess of the Black Moon, you help the necromancers… Surround this place with your vampire’s wings, descend to me like a dark cloud. Perturb me so that I’ll recognize the darkness of the night as the symbol of your power; your specters will then come to me as bleeding shadows. Lilith, come to me.”
These are some evocative phrases, I forgot some but they suffice.

Hi I’m Jessica and I had some experience. Well kind weird talking about what i found out kinda spiritual awakening of my inner true self.

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I know i been studying her and want more her , she is incredible

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