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And I did my intro is Jessica from Cali very interested in the dark magick from our ancient legend. And you can also read it from profile and I don’t need to explain my choice of screen name I am not just toying or choking I’m on here for real info. It actually to me a while choosing this one. strong text

Hi I’m Jessica Webb 35 from Hemet Cali. Very friendly opened minded and we’ll the real reason why and how i came across this is for the reason of an usual enlightenment i just went through that i can really talk about with anybody. Definitely here info more fact real poems rituals invocation of the Lilith Queen of the succubus Goddess of the dark moon.

I copied your profile info into this post, the reason we ask for a post as intro and not just profile is that profiles can be edited at any time, so people can out something one week then change it the next. The software really doesn’t make that distinction clear because it’s just generic built for any kind of forum to use.

Intros are about keeping our community real and not having too much bullshitting, if we let that slip it could be exploited by the legions of assholes who hate magick, want to scam others, or just like to mess about, so we have to chase it up in every instances rather than start making vulnerabilities.

We’ve had this rule since 2014 and it’s really helped. :+1:

No need to explain username! :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum.

You didn’t even need to tell us that you don’t need to explain your username, it’s not that we don’t care, but it’s not that kind of forum :wink:
If you are ever concerned that a post is personally attacking you please use the Flag button for it to be addressed by a mod.

Hail Lilith.

Welcome to the forum :blush: