Looking for a run down of protection demons that have their own armies

I agree with Lady E.

Oh, btw @4Riders most goetics have their own legions, or armies. Their number of legions is listed with them, so just find a fit for the situation :slight_smile:


Run a search in the document linked here:


You are correct. Nuclear Holocaust and massive fire/destruction upon the problem, though effective, is not practical or advisable for everything.

At the moment, it would be general over all protection. Protection from ill will, the evil eye, ill intentions and spiteful disruption to quality of life and those wishing/seeking harm on me and mine.


and thank you! This would be one of the things from the days when the internet was awesome.

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While I am slightly aware there are different groups or types of demons, I am still at a blank of what exactly that means. Other than people focused on one group/type over another.

The 72 demons listed in the goetia

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There’s a lot of 72 demons. And a lot more than 72. I apologize as my style and form is not very disciplined and I likely have ended up skipping/missing a lot of the basics.

Basics are important.

Tedious, but important.

Yes there certainly are.

Not that I’m personally aware of.

The Goetics are the 72 demons listed in the Lesser key of Solomon, also referred to as the goetia.


Go to https://vkjehannum.wordpress.com/ and find a protection demon or demons. The Infernal Pantheon is far more larger than just the Goetic pantheon.


okay. Different pantheons. Since is made.

I’m starting to incline towards the idea of annhilating everything and everyone from existence past present and future… I’m simply tired of people and their games. I’m sick of this shit and done with it occurring one second more to anyone. Fuck it all.


Good news, friend. Anti-Cosmic Satanism seems like your new potential home.

…Except you’ll have the entire Infernal Pantheon against you if you go down that path.


I’ve BEEN inclined to the idea of annihilating everything and everyone from existence past present and future since for ever and always. Unfortunately…it doesn’t work long term. Oh it “works” but the way a suicide bomb/ home made IED “works”. Things get annihilated but not in away that stops them for good and you get singed/blown up.

There are those that can get that to work- but I honestly wouldn’t wish that life on me or anyone expect those who are dead set on it. It is too banefully chaotic for my taste and the whole putting off on payment/using others to pay your debt always rubs me wrong and always catches up to the person weather they know it/see it/ or not. Which often, they don’t and they are a tasty meal for whom ever gets them.

It’s why, though I love me some annihilating and destructive baneful black nuclear fire, I tend to direct myself to those who are more…“lawful” aligned. In my opinion it balances things out and gets great results but that will have to be its own topic.

Point is- I’m not saying not annihilate everything and one with nuclear fire, you do you and on your head be your actions. I’m just pointing out the flaws to that line of thinking and what I’ve seen work and what I’ve seen WORK.

They both “work” just one is more to your benefit then the other (unfortunately, there is no real benefit from setting yourself on fire).

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Also, thanks to everyone for the resources and words/advice.

Ya’ll are awesome.

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Well, I can always remove myself from this world, removing myself from hell, heaven or land of the dead, is currently something I’m unfamiliar how to do. I don’t fucking care beyond that.
That would swiftly end my cares of the matter.

That honestly does seem to be the best case scenario the more I dwell on the entire matter. Problem solved on both sides of the fence.

You don’t get to make that call for other people, ever.

IMO joining meetup.com and meeting friends with some shared interest will help, but you know the routine - if you think you may be about to harm yourself, seek help - there’s a lot of information here:

@4Riders I posted a walk-through on creating wards in the thread below, you may or may not be into this already but I’ll link it just in case and to get this thread back on-topic:


Is this link not working anymore? Could just be me…

I noticed some archive sites have been down recently, I can’t say why because politics, but try again shortly and it might be up, the main site archive.org seems to be loading fine now. :+1:

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