Looking for a “mentor/helper”

Peace & love my people - just posted an Intro if you wanna know bout me a little bit.

I’m wondering if anyone is willing to allow me to ask them question I have in my head about magick & certain procedures. I’ve tried answering them via forum & google searches but not much luck, I’d rather pick someone’s brain & research topics discussed.

I’m very much familiar with the spiritual realm, so it won’t be far fetched questions.


You can ask them here, you don’t exactly need to look for a mentor.

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Linking Discord is not allowed. Links can be placed in your profile but not on the public forum.

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Sincere apologies, I saw it on earlier posts so I thought there would be no issue.

I’ll keep that in mind!

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There were some Discord links that were posted before the rule prohibiting them was established. We were forced to ban any links to outside communities due to their drama being dragged onto this forum and causing problems here.

Give our rules a read if you are unsure of anything:

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You are welcome to post your website and social media links in your profile though :slight_smile:

After that - post away and pick the brains of anyone willing to answer. That’s what this place is for.

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