Longevity spirits and spells

Not sure if this topic has been covered (if so, moderators kindly do what you need to do) but it is something that I did quite some research on and that I don’t often see being discussed.

What magick/entities can be use to extend your life, or the lives of others, abd/or to shield the body against any internal or external threats?

-Most Olympian spirits (Och, Bethor, etc)

-Lord Shiva (there are specific mantras for that which I will be happy to add here later)

-Seeiah/Seheiah and a few other angels quoted by Franz Bardon (I’ll list these too later on) some of which can make one’s body as “invulnerable as a diamond”.

-Not specific for longevity but I feel that Gadiel is great for protection, and he also shields you from poverty if requested.

-St. Michael the Archangel for general kick ass protection (I firmly believe that he saved my life on a couple of occasions).

There are also magic Catholic or folk Catholic prayers, most of Portuguese/Spanish origin that mixed with African diaspora beliefs to “close the body”. Some go as far as keeping you invisible to enemies and invulnerable to bullets. I will gladly translate and add some here once I have more time.

Am I missing any? What other methods are there regarding this topic?


from another thread:

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Actually @Mulberry could you elaborate on this? I don’t see it in Dr. Fung or Dr. Sinclair’s material. Do you employ visualization?

It helps to visualise but you can also feel it, or have clairsentience or empathy with it as well as the other senses.

“Energy follows mind.” and “Intention is everything”.
Your mind follows your intention. This means, if you focus your attention on a spot, say, the center of your palm, your energy will gather there, and you can feel it… it starts to tingle or feel hot or something. You can use that to direct energy with your mind in all sorts of ways.

So, intentional energy work is directing energy using your intention to guide how strong or soft or what other quality the energy has, where it goes, what it’s doing when it gets there. Alchemy, where you change the quality of an energy inside you is intentional energy working.

Example: remove a headache with Iron Tongs technique.
You imagine there are Iron Tongs like large metal chopsticks, or maybe BBQ tongs, extending from your hand, like an astral tool you instantly create. You see the headache as a glob on uneanted energy in your head, and grasp it with the tongs, pull it out and place it deep under the Earth, far enough down that it won’t come back. Do that a few times and it helps headaches go away, with energy working and your intention alone. The more you practice the easier and faster it gets.


Thank you :slight_smile:
Do you have a method for applying this to demethylation?

I do a few things in combination for that.

Energy wise I run the microcosmic orbit, then cultivate with the intention that the cosmic energy filling my body completes the healing of the methylated sites.

I also am following Vermilion’s stargates of Kryst, which is a year long working with weekly symbols for DNA enhancement.

I also do water fasting, dry fasting, one meal a day, I take reserveratrol with NAD (see Dr Sinclair and Siim Land) and I’ve experimented with Epitalon injections. Finally, working out increases autophagy and healing as well. And skektal muscle is protective.

A weird thing I’ve noticed that I think has a magical effect: if you play computer games, always make your avatar young and identify with it’s appearance as being what you look like, seems to have a rejuvinating effect that’s not much on its own but helps.


Brilliant. Thank you for sharing.

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Ha! I’m Watching X-Files atm and Mulder just started talking about damaged dna and a man using his chi for regeneration (S4 E12). How’s that for a synchronicity…

I just do diet and exercise

and stretching

First of all the entities involved with this ritual are all bound hence invoking them requires high pedigree of spiritual awakeness ,the half moon ritual is too long to write hear but in a brief I know of two ways :
1: Shemhastiel -lord of the shadows ,
2: lucifuge - joining hells army