Little help for beginners ( asked of me by Dantalion)

Have you applied what I told you? The no contact? Here’s what I did, applied no contact, after 3 days contacted Grand Duke Dantalion, my specific request was “Fill her with positive emotions of us together”. What was your request to him again?


I can’t contact her even if I wanted to because she blocked me everywhere :slight_smile: Last time we saw eachother a month ago. She is currently in our hometown, partying with new friends and I’m stuck in capital trying to find a job and a purpose in life… She seems happy and like I was nothing to her, like I wasn’t her first boyfriend and like we wasn’t together for almost 3 years. Last time we spoke on the phone 18. July when I made a mess in anger and called her father to tell him that I want to speak with her because I’m hearing that she is drunk every night etc… It’s like she is a different person now, someone who I don’t know and that make me sad and angry.

I’ve asked Dantalion to change her mind about me in a positive way, to regret her decision breaking up and to contact me. After that only signs that I got are that every other girl I met has the same name as my ex. But that can be coincidence also…

Seems like her feelings are still there, but her conscious mind is fighting it. As evidence with her drinking every night. Don’t give up, I think you still have a chance of being together. Just give it a time. Just give the spirits you asked some time.

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Don’t know what to tell you… She said some words that deeply hurted me. Like she doesn’t have feelings, we will never be again, she is better without me, don’t wanna see me ever again…
Yes, I was a scumbag to her, I was to all girls ever, because I didn’t care. But what happened now with me, I don’t know :smiley: This girl broke me completely and this is happening for the first time in my life…

She is going in Brasil in Sempteber for one month , we are in different towns now and there is no way that we will see eachother anytime soon. Maybe ever.

I think the 1st and 2nd has already been met because a clear sign of her regretting the breakup is her relying on the effects of alcohol, the tricky part is her contacting you. Women sometimes has large egos, they want men to act first. But yeah, I see that Grand Duke Dantalion is already on the work. Just believe it.


@vlada_vb Sure, I can try. But as @Teddy mentioned, it’s always better to apologize yourself. I had to apologize to the Duke once, and he is very forgiving.


A few days ago I sent her on Instagram that I love her. I was blocked instantly :joy: So much on contacting part. And she is drinking since breakup, that would be a two months ago.

@Secchia I would love to help you, but I’m not familiar with doing tarot myself.

I think @Angel411 ment to reply to you by saying “anytime” but it was replied to someone else. But if it was ment for you, go for it💪🏽

I’m curious what the dream was about? Did you get around to contacting Dantalion?

Would love to here your progress so far, my friend!

I don’t think that’s good, not in a magick sense, but in psychology sense. That only means you’re giving her a message that you’re still inlove with her. How would she regret leaving you if you tell her that you’re still inlove with her? That only means she has a leverage on when to come back to you since you told her that you still love her. At the moment, it’s best if you give her some space man. Make her worry why you’re not reaching out to her anymore.


Duke can see in her mind and heart is there still a chance. Because if there isn’t, I can’t drain myself anymore, my thoughts and emotions… That is only thing I wanna know. Thank you so much…

There is! Just give it some time man. They don’t work like the genie in Aladdin, but they do deliver some miracles only if you’re just willing to detach yourself from the end result. Like I said, your results will only appear the least you expect them to appear. If you’re just constantly looking at your phone with the intent of hoping you’ll get a message from them, you wont get a message. You’re actually slowing the process. That’s why I suggest not only to forget about the ritual but also to forget about her, because when you think of her you would also think about the ritual you did and vice versa. What I am trying to say is, there is a chance only if you’re willing to let go. I’m not telling you to give up, but to distract yourself. Think about yourself first. Your world doesn’t only revolve around her, you have a family, friends, and a job. Go out with them, have fun, or you might as well get yourself a rebound if it helps you forget about the ritual and her.

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I no longer need tarot reading, I have a strong capacity for intuition, in the dream I realized that things will improve before long, depending on the emotion I feel in the dream I understand if it shows me real effects or not, so I am fully sure that things will improve for me. Thank you so much, really so much because the words of the duke you referred to me helped me clear my mind and allow me to regain control of my capacity for intuition. However, I think I will try to get in touch with him later this week, if only to apologize

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That’s good to hear @Secchia
Very happy for you! :raised_hands:t5:

If you will, please keep us updated on your progress!


Ok, I tried again last night to spoke with Duke. Again I got chills and candle flames started to flicker. I spoke loud what I have on my mind and heart but yet again can’t get any information or sign from him…

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Dont worry about it too much.

This IS a good sign, it shows that he is there. Maybe it’s because you are not able to hear/see him, that is why you think he is not there. But obviously by you feeling the chills (change in atmosphere) and the candle flickering, it show that he is there.

Maybe try to work on your senses more, so that you will be able to interacte more when he is there!


I’m trying every day but my mind is all over the place… I don’t know, maybe is too late for things to change with my ex. But I would like to know Dantalion opinion on that and other things I spoked to him.

Every day things just going worse and worse for me. Dantalion obviously don’t give a fuck about me.

Thank you all for your support and everything but this is the end of road for me. Goodbye to all!

@vlada_vb what do you mean by this?
Please don’t make any rash decision :flushed: