Little help for beginners ( asked of me by Dantalion)

My friend, that is so nice of you to say. Thank you so much for that!

I’m getting a little shy for those kind of compliments, as I’m only trying to do my part. The same way I have gotten support from other members on here as well.

And believe me, I’m not always a saint :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

What are you up to these days? Anything specific your working on/with? Would love to hear about it, you may also send me a pm if you would like :hugs:

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I happen to feel superior to others but only when I consider them harmful, but as for the people I have close to, I really care a lot and I’m not absolutely selfish, actually I didn’t make any offer, I tried somehow to contact him without success but I think I’ll try again better

Okay, good to know. I hope the words from the Duke were helpful and you take them to heart!

Also, thank you for letting me have this experience! As I said, this was the first time this happened to me without doing anything, so this really helped me with learning about my own senses and abilities. Thank you for that! :slightly_smiling_face::raised_hands:t5:

Now, let’s get into your next attempt to E-voking the Duke.

This might be exactly what he meant, when he says he didn’t like the way you approach him. I’m sure you didn’t mean to, do here are some tips.

The Duke really doesn’t require much you know, he is very easy going as long as a genuine and pure intend is there. You so don’t have to offer huge things. Next time you evoke him, try it with a candle on. Purple, green any darker shade will do. Maybe have some incense burning, for the Duke I like to use sandlewood. Also, do you have his sigil? Look it up here on the forum or online. You can use it as is, but you can also give it your own energy and power by drawing it yourself.
Lastly, try meditation or chanting of his enn. This would be : Avage Ayer Dantalion On Ca.

Try this out, maybe do some relaxing meditation first, then try to contact the Duke.

Let me know how it went and keep us updated!


Thanks people. I really appreciate everything you wrote. Thing is I know all of that, and tried everything of that for the last two months. Meditation, gym, running, go in nature, occupying with all sorts of stuff, hobbies, professional therapy…

Nothing worked, nothing. NOTHING!!!

Lastly after trying myself some spells, trying working with Amon and after no results came to Duke for help. Firstly I had faith, but now this silence is killing me. Also this rage inside. I don’t know how to explain it. Even when trying to meditate or speaking to Duke. I firstly calmed my mind and then all of a sudden from my chest starting RAGE RAGE RAGE until I’m completely lost and starting to smash everything. I don’t know why is happening or where it’s coming from.

So. Don’t know what to tell you anymore, I lost it okay. I don’t know what to do and how to move from this point in my life. And no idea what is going on and why is Duke ignoring me and is he making me angry and anxious or what?

Like I said: it seems that no one or nothing will help me, I’m completely alone and everything I tried to help myself didn’t work. I don’t see my future or my purpose. Not about my SP but everything: profession, family. I’m burning myself and hitting my head just to feel anything. But I can’t. Only rage, pain, and some sort of numbness.

I used his seal, a white candle and that’s it. I don’t know where to get candles of different colors, as far as incense is concerned I have a lot

You can look in my profile for a few threads from getting an ex back to money threads.

White is fine, white can substitute for any color.

How did it go?

Today I hope I have time to try it, I’ll let you know friend

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self destruct, i do that alot lattely i feel cursed.

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My friend you need a clean slate. And a good cleansing.

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whats that?

you are the girl i read communed with King Paimon, is that for real?

Yes, yes I am. And yes it is. Nice to meet you. :love_you_gesture:t5::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

nice to meet you to, there is was time i was intrigued with Him, i didnt know much or even how to sermon him so i settled in believing he was just some results of some old folks tale, am from Kenya all this voodoo staff seems to me like all play, doesn’t seem real but at the same time am excited and i wanna know more, bana i even called myself Kelvin Paimon on facebook some time back.

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You’re from Kenya and didn’t really believe in your ancestral magik? How can you not? It’s literally everywhere lol

My friend can I ask you something? Next time when you will be working with Great Duke, can you just ask him is he mad at me or did he even heard me? I just wanna know should I continue with this or let all go and forget…

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Guys, I did what I believe to be yet another premonitory dream, can someone help me with a tarot reading?

Whether you made him angry or not, I think you should personally apologize to him sincerely if you think your actions did made him angry. Talk them in your mind or verbally mention them and they’ll hear you and listen. I usually mumble “Spirit name, I’m very sorry if I did this and that… it’s because I was this and that…”. I usually talk to spirits as if they are my companion, or like a father or mother.


I did that already, but this anger makes me doing things that I wouldn’t otherwise. I put in a box all my offerings and sigils for Dantalion and in anger said: If you wouldn’t show me some response, positive or negative, we then shouldn’t work together anymore because I kept my part of the deal with nothing in return.