Little help for beginners ( asked of me by Dantalion)

Hello everyone!

I myself am also new to the forum and to the LHP. But being on the forum and browsing has helped me a lot and I’ve learned quit a few things while here.

Last night, during my session with Dantalion, he told me that I should make a topic for those who are also new and share what I have learned so far. It’s not much, but i can update and other people can jump in as well and add stuff. Together we can learn so much more!

So the first thing that Dantalion seemed set on for me to say, is the difference between Evoking and Invoking. For me this was also new, but @DarkestKnight helped me see the difference.

So, look at it as E-voking starting with the “e” of everywhere. That’s really the essence of it, when you evoke, the spirit can be Everything and Everywhere.

In-voking is really just as it says, you’re inviting the spirit IN. Into yourself.

Concerning Sigil:
So the sigil is really just as E.A koetting beautifuly said “the phone number, all you have to do is dial it”.
You can find the sigils online and print them out, but for me I like to draw it myself. As it makes me feel like I am really putting my own energy in to it.

The easiest way for me to explain, is by saying that you should see the enn of a demon like it is their full name. And by using there full name you can call upon them. For example is call on Dantalion by using his enn: Avage Ayer Dantalion On Ca. When I feel he is around me, I just say Dantalion or Duke Dantalion. But when I try to call him forth, I use his full name, meaning his Enn.
Also on YouTube you can find meditations that have soothing music I’m the background and his enn in a 108 times repetition.

For me that really helps, not only to try and call him forth, but also just when I lay on the couch and want to relax a bit and ask him to just “sit with me for a while”.

For now, this is all I have to share. I hope I helped a tiny bit. Do search and read the forum as much as you can, there is tons and tons of info here and everyone is willing to help and explain things!

Cheers for now :wave:t5:


Can we call Dantalion during the day or only at nightime?

From what I have learned, his preferred time is night time/early morning (before noon).
But I do believe when you call for him, he will answer regardless of the timing.


I’m trying to get in contact with him for a few days in a row about some specific matter but with no success :frowning:

Don’t give up!
I felt the same way just a few days ago, but I’ve been told by two members on this forum who are helpful and dear to me ( @Teddy and @anon48508954 ) that having faith is KEY to everything!

Try some meditation to relax your mind first, this helps really well for me. Just a few days ago, I was sad and feeling dowm. I did some meditation a few a times, mostly before bed and than fell asleep peacefully and woke up they next day feeling refreshed and positive. Soon after that I felt Duke Dantalion likes this, you have to feel good about yourself first and then he can help you.

Really, don’t give up, have faith and keep trying to connect with the Duke. I’m sure he is already seeing you and wants to help. But only if you also want to help yourself! You got this :muscle:t4:


After trying a few different ones, I found this one to work very well for me. Try it some time.


Thank you so much :slight_smile: I will try it, to build some faith and hope, and also to calm myself. I hope that everything will workout. Tell me how do you comunicate with Dantalion?

And another question. Do you see progress with your goal with them?

Yay!! I’m glad you were finally able to connect with him!!


I started out with drawing his sigil and opening that. That one was a bit difficult for me and I still have trouble with that sometimes.

What works for me is lighting a candle, have my hand drawn sigil near me, put his enn on and just sit untill I “feel” he is there. This might feel different for everyone, for me it’s a soothing and relaxing feeling and just “knowing” he is there.

Than I just talk to him and listen for the answer. Now, this is not easy and I am still trying to perfect this. It’s important that you clear your mind of other things and try to block out your own subconscious thoughts. I found this and still find this difficult sometimes and it’s not easy to differentiate your own thoughts from those coming in by a spirit. But if you really focus, you’ll notice it.

It took a while for me, and still learning and perfecting. But try it and let me know how is goes for you


Yes! Dantalion really works fast. Just a week after I contacted him, I already saw huge progresses and signs pointing he was working. You’ll see it the least you expect it to appear.


Just follow what @anon45993476 was telling you and you will manifest your results. But first calm yourself down, get rid of that desperation vibe man. That’s why some love spells and money spells doesn’t work really fast because people who usually cast it are desperate. “I need to have money to pay my rent ASAP”, "Im so hurt that he broke up with me, I need him back boo-hoo. Seriously, calm yourself first.


Thanks. I’m not that desperate anymore, just feeling regrets for my acts toward this girl and loosing her because deep down I know that she is the special and we could make it. But now I will need a miracle to reverse a situation, even for her to text me. As said I fucked up badly :confused:

I’m meditating every day to Dantalion enn with a sigil, candle and offerings. But for now nothing changes. Actually something did happened yesterday but nothing related to this situation. Yesterday I got a few job opportunities after long time searching for one.

My only wish is a second chance with her to try things different and if that fails then I will not be sorry because I tried everything.

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One thing that you may find with Goetic evocation as you become more experienced is that the spirit is first called to presence within you (invoked), then evoked outside of yourself, before then returning within at the end of the evocation.

This reflects the process of manifestation - first, there is internal change, followed by changes to the world outside of the self, finishing with another internal change when you receive your results.

This also reflects the nature of these spirits - they are both within you and a part of you, and external to you and in the world.

This is a manifestation of the old adage - The microcosm reflects the macrocosm, and the macrocosm reflects the microcosm. Put differently - as above, so below.


Ok, is this successful evocation? I was chanting enn while staring into the sigil, with candles and my petition to Dantalion signed with my blood. After a few minutes I felt chills all over my body (still feeling it btw). Then I spoke to him, asking what I need and what I will give in return. Also I asked him to give me some sign and come to my dreams…

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That is so amazing, thank you for sharing!

S. Connolly refers to your definition {and mine} of invoking/evoking as the Ceremonial Magician’s definition. I have always found it to make more sense and it has always been what I teach {I am new as a demonolatrix but not to witchcraft}. Basically invoking is inside you, evoking is before you. I for internal e for external, lol, very simple!

Would you possible be kind enough to link the video you suggested on youtube that contains Dantalion’s enn and the meditative music? I would really love to listen to it. Thank you so much!


Hi! Haha yes, for me this is also the easiest way to differentiate the two!

Sure, I’ll post them just down here

This is the Enn chanting for Duke Dantalion (if you type in YouTube the name of spirit/demon followed by Enn, you can find them for lots of them)

And this is the guided meditation that I like a lot

Hope you like them both :hugs:


Ok, things just got worse between me and my ex. She actually don’t care about me and behaving like I never existed in her life. I’ve tried to contact her via Instagram but she got me blocked there too. I sent her just a heart emoji. I don’t know is Dantaltion accepted my request and offerings and is he willing to help me. Every night when I meditate to him I’m feeling chills all over my body, but can’t comunicate don’t matter how hard I’m trying.
I can continue my life without her even when that causes me a massive pain in my heart but still… I fuckin love that girl. And will carry that feeling with me a long long time, maybe forever :frowning:
So can someone help me and ask Dantalion for me did he accepted my petition and can he do anything about it? I will be very thankful for that. In the meantime I will continue with meditation and trying to find a way to establish a comunication with Duke.

Sorry to hear that.
What exactly did you ask the Duke to do? And how long ago was it?

In my experience I feel the chills too, when I call for him. But it could be that he is trying to talk to you but you can’t hear him yet. Try the meditation before you contact him and also really clear your mind so you can hear Him instead of your own thoughts.

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I asked him to change her negative thinking about me into positive, to dream about me, to remember all the good stuff and forget bad, to regret her decision about breakup and to contact me. Actually I’m trying with Dantalion for about ten days but only for the past two days I can feel this chills. Don’t know is it him or my body messing up.