Little help for beginners ( asked of me by Dantalion)

@vlada_vb are you okay, buddy?
Please let us know how you are doing!
I’m a bit worried about you, so I would really appreciate if you would let us know you are okay! :raised_hands:t5:

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For a few days now I have been trying to contact dantalion for a hand, I have a lot of problems at the moment and I am sure that a person has changed the thoughts of those close to me otherwise it would not be explained why many of my friends have abandoned me. I ask for help to talk to the duke, if any of you work with him I would very much like you to help me communicate with him

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I can try and see if I can connect with him later and he is willing to give a message.
But what is it you want to know exactly? Like, do you have a specific question?

If you have a specific question, I can try to ask him. But please don’t give me too much details, so that I can get a clear answer from him if he want to give it. If you give me too much details, it might blurr with my own thoughts

Oh, thank you so much, could you ask him why so many people have turned away from me? I would like to be able to talk to him directly, for days I have been trying but without results

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Hey man, don’t worry. I read all your replies and thank you all. Just don’t have strength to write…
Anyway I’m the same. Spending days in my apartment sitting and smoking. Every night I’m trying to get any response from the Duke, but there is only silence. I don’t know, maybe he is angry with me or not wanting to help. Silence is killing me.

Strange thing is that I read that post about him. And it was just like describing me. Anyway me before all of this. I thought that we could make some connection based on that similarity but nothing.

There is no point, I will just give up.

Okay then. I have a few things to do before I get home, but later I will try and see if I can talk to him and get a message for you :crossed_fingers:t5:

Okay, now this is quite interesting. I didn’t even get a chance to get home, I’m in my car and while driving I got a few answers from him.

Now please remember, this is not me talking to you okay, it’s the message I get. So don’t take it personally against me.

You are a guy right? Because he kept saying “him”.
So basically what he said is the following;

  • Nothing spirituality is blocking you. You are blocking you.
  • He doesn’t seem to like the way you approach him. (I will get into that shortly).
  • Did you offer him something on evoking him? He doesn’t seem to like the fact you pressume he will help you just because you ask.

He also mentioned that the reason why your “friends” abandoned you, is because of the way you treat them. Did they (your friend’s) advice you not to do something and you did it anyway?

He is telling me, that he doesnt like the way you treat your friends or people in general for that matter. He says you have a way of feeling inferior to other people, kind of like you look down on others and perceive yourself to be the best.

It’s for that reason that people tend to move away from you and is also the reason why he felt like you looked down on him and just expect him to help you because you ask. It’s your attitude he doesn’t seem to like and advices you to change that.

Read up on him, learn about him, acknowledge his status as a Great Duke. Come to him with respect and he will consider helping you. Granted, that it must be sincere, you have to really want it other wise he won’t waste his time on you.

Again, this is not my opinion, it’s what I am getting through.

I’m curious to know if you feel this resonates with you! As this was also a change for me, to see if I’m channeling correctly.


That sounds like the great Duke!!!


Good job. I wish that I can get just a simple yes or no from Duke :confused:

Good to hear you are okay.

I understand it can get very frustrating, but as I keep telling you; you have to keep the faith.
Also you really need to get into a more positive mindset, staying in the house doing nothing and still expecting this to change is never going to work!

The Duke can do a lot, but if you are not willing to help you, he can’t do anything for you!
Remember you did get a sign already, so he heard you. But you can’t doubt him and expect him to still work with you.

Really, work on yourself first! Leave Dantalion be for a few days. He will still watch and see you behind the scenes. Show him you are willing to try and get out there. And change your mind set, because he knows everything. So if you doubt him or blame him for whatever, he will know. He will know and turn his back on you. Remember you are asking him for help, he does not owe you anything.

Go get positive, you CAN do this! :muscle:t4:


Remember that you manifest your reality @vlada_vb ! You’re in control of you. As within, so without. As above, so below. I’ve been reading this thread and I sounds like you’re in a very dark place within you right now; contemplating some very negative and lower vibrational things. If you seek change, you have to make the change inside. Stop feeding your lower vibrations. It’ll only bring you deeper. That’s why you feel stuck. Seek to change your perspective on yourself, and your life. I’m speaking not because I know it all, but because I’ve literally just gone through what you’re going through now. You can message me if you would like to talk about the details. But seriously. It’s identical.

You have a lot of soul work/shadow work to do before you bring anyone back into your life. No spirit will bring her back if all you will do is just push her away with all this negative energy you’re currently harnessing. It’s unhealthy for you and destructive. Idk but I feel like I should tell you to go for a run. Like seriously. Get your running shoes, and run like you’re running for your life and focus only on your breath. You need to release. Put the smoke down.


Well said! This is what I was trying to tell, but I couldn’t really expound/emphasize as English is only a secondary language to me.

This! Basic law of attraction. Get rid of the doubt, get rid of jealousy, get rid of desperation. Start with self love then radiate energies of love and trust. Spread good vibrations.


@Teddy @vlada_vb from my own experience this change will not happen over night. It must unfold. In a way, the changes that you want to happen outside will only happen when you work on your inside. And achieving a change in your own perspective will not be achieved overnight. This situation will also test your patience and endurance. Speaking from experience. But the other side is so, so wonderful to finally reach. Things that helped me is relearning to be kind to myself. It helps I. Being kind to others. Honor your mind, body, and spirit. above all, leave judgemental and condemning thoughts (towards yourself and others) out the door. It has no room to help improve your situation and will only encourage self destruction.


Right! Everything starts within you. You are your own master. That’s why I always advise meditation, not on the purpose of invocation or evocation, but just to neutralise ones thoughts and emotions. Can’t really explain it in english, but meditation is the key to an early self-actualization (psychologist term) or what the magician calls it ascension. Some psychologists call Siddhartha Gautama aka Buddha’s nirvana as self-actualization, the most highest form of need.


@anon45993476: I’ve been following this thread, and I must tell you the positive reinforcement that you are providing is amazing! You are truly a genuine and a nice soul. :slight_smile: Glad that the forum has members like you, we need more people like you in the world. :slight_smile:

@vlada_vb: In the similar lines to what my friend @anon45993476 suggested, what is something that you truly enjoy, what makes you forget about the entire existence and makes you immerse in it. Maybe that is what you need to do and while you are doing that, try to sub-consciously meditate, it is okay if you can’t or don’t want to. Go to the gym, pump extra harder, or pick up a new book which would totally give you goosebumps, or just go off the city limits and watch a clear night sky. Whatever you do, you got to bring your confidence up again. Remember if you are born, you already fought your chances 1 in a million that is, and if you are alive, you are already a fighter. One other tip that I do have is get yourself some essential oils, try to use them during your meditation, they truly help. Good luck brother man!


Like how many? If it’s many then the problem might be you man. You should probably ask your “Higher Self”.

@Secchia: I am not going to jump to the conclusion that you don’t treat them well or anything. But if the duke said you might need a little shift in your attitude, you probably want to work on that. Remember a smile will always bring people near to you, and a frown will always drown you. :slight_smile:

Also, have you been meditating or activating your chakras or something, because if you are, then what happens is you are bound to be on a higher vibrating plane, and if these friends and acquaintances are not on that level yet and/or are either on a lower vibration or aren’t good for you, they might get moved out from your life, but if that is not the case, then it is probably vice versa, and you got to work to be on that higher vibrating plane.

Good luck.

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I thank you very much, I will listen to the duke’s words and improve my behavior if this is the problem


@Secchia You are more than welcome! You can ask me anytime. We are all here to help each other okay, remember that!

Just for my own curiosity, as they were not my words but from the Duke.
Do you feel like it resonates with you?
This was the first time for me that channeling happend, without me doing anything. I literally just answered your question on here, drove off and the answers came straight to me.

That’s why I would love to know how you feel about it. Thank you! This actually helped me a lot too, with coming in to my own senses :raised_hands:t5: