Lilith - Sex Goddess or Lethal parasite - The warning is out

You had to piss someone off Royally that many levels takes a lot of energy and and not a small investment in time to build

Most sorcerers will find something more personally useful to spent it on.

My first thought is you tried to steal an immortal’s pocket dimension or a godling’s throne

Hope you found a way out

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The levels are still there, I just emptied them out. Although, they seem to fill up from time to time again. I don’t accept them blocking and vampyrizing off my energy like that. Gotta put my foot down.

The levels were occupied by archons and their parents. Petrucelly writes very well about it in The book of soul retireval. I’ve got to do one of his cursing on them again.

This was a good post. It taught me that the Lilith that I dealt with a while ago likely was the real Lilith. There was no attachment to feeding. In fact, I was actually intent on working a more Sinister path. Bottom line, I did a ritual where I called her up and I was left with the impression that we had reached a parting in the ways. She just up and vanished and that was that. There was no aftermath from here. Just a “we’re all done her…See ya”. Poof! Gone like she was never there to start with. I am pretty sure the parasite would have not cared what I was up to.


Personal vote to “sex goddess”
Thanks Lilith for everything


Real talk, Lilith has been better to me than some of my own family.


Her guidance is the reason I kept moving foward. Strict at times but one of her keys to help you greatly succeed.


After all this reading the Symbiotes from venom come to mind. Sort of like maintaining an exchange with a parasitic entity. Like what was said above it may not all be fluffy bunny and we may very well be food for the gods, but even if thats so… is it still hard to fathom a healthy symbiotic relationship. Mabye we’re the aphids and they’re the ants???

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Been away from this forum for a long time. Haven’t read anything for ages.

But I see now many have still been reading it and responding.

Some of you also declare that you are having trouble with this parasite and also ask how to get rid of it.

There is no banishing ritual in the world that will get rid of this particular parasite. Some cleansing and banishing rituals will get rid of minor parasites right away, but this is a very huge and intelligent one and needs more deep and careful procedures.

Remember parasites will dress up and act to let any of your fantasies and expectations about Lilith come true and yes if you want it to be a real dark goddess, who is also wise and giving advice to you, then it will, no problem. And it will be any other variant you can think of, only limited to people’s own fantasies and desires. It IS a very intelligent parasite, as long as it gets a home in you and a meal once and in a while (which is your vital force), it can still ‘trade’ and give you a few magical results actually or some insights or whatever.
But that does not change the fact that it is a parasite.
Mind you it can be ok to work with parasites (I personally will never work them again though), yes they are not evil, they just do what they do, totally agree with that.

And potentially it CAN be symbiotic (though rarely with these huge and aggressive parasites, which is almost always very harmful to health to say the least)
It is up for people to decide, whether the risk is worth it, yes there potentially can be an even trade, you feed it some energy, it manifests something for you magically.

Some people also develop natural immunity to parasites and their bodies push them out sort automatically, so the parasites never dig in deeply and really damage their system, then lucky such people, which may be one of the explanations why some people do not have problems with the Lilith parasite, while others suffer greatly.
Many people actually do get immune, so yea likely a lot of people here will not experience serious problems, but all the other people could have their lives totally destroyed by such a parasite like this.

Okay but to get rid of it if has already dug in to some of you:

Firstly, if you actually are a skilled ‘visionary magician’, you can sort of like a shamanic journey enter your own body and pull out any unwanted beings and put them back to where they belong.

If you do not have those handy skills of true magical vision, well then there is still hope, but it is tough.
Simply then, you starve it out.
Any parasite, whether sexual or otherwise, needs energy, needs to feed.
So, it is simple, stop being aroused. I mean, not just, stop masturbating or having sex, but stop having sexual thoughts in your mind that creates arousal. Stop watching movies, clips etc that create arousal.

Simply you become an ascetic for a few months and cultivate deep stillness.
Stillness it self it maybe the very very best defence, even against the major parasites like this one. If you vanish in a sort of void stillness, you almost become invisible to the parasite, it can’t manipulate you or touch you.
Stillness sort of sedates parasites, they can’t really exist in it. And I mean true deep magical stillness, needs to be really properly trained and built up.
So if you are serious about getting rid of the parasite, practice stillness and learn to respond with stillness when manipulations of body or mind are being initiated. Learn to be emotionally disciplined and practice self restriction.
This will really shut down any parasite, it may not be fun to live like a monk, but if it is only temporary in order to get clean and free of parasites it is surely worth it.
THEN after this sort of starvation of the parasite, which will weaken it a lot, then you use some really good cleansing ritual also to get all its remnants and layers of frequency and energetic vibration off as well and you can get totally clean in the end.

Also assist your own efforts with lots of sunshine (yes vampires/parasites actually don’t like sunshine, funny how silly old fables can have some degree of real truth in them), lots of healthy food.

I would say most importantly, to assist your stillness, self restriction and starvation procedure, use Hyperikum Perforatum, which will give you a measure of control back over your mind, it will balance and stabilise mind and emotions enough for you to actually be able to avoid responding to its manipulations with indulgence and excitement.

Other things include some Artemisia species, which can be mildly exorcising and weaken tough parasites a bit, some forms of mint, sage, and for some reason wild mushrooms I have foraged seems to assist the immune system from a magical perspective as well and really makes it harder for parasites to manipulate you.
But many other wild and healthy herbs and weeds of nature really can support a lot. Get enough sleep, meditate, cultivate stillness, starve it out. There you go.
Depending on where you are in life you may even have to work on some deep shit about your whole personality and approach to life and learn detachment, less destination, lust and desire and what not… learn to live with less gratification, stimulation etc and be more happy about the peace found in stillness…

That actually works, if you just try to hit it with all the banishing rituals in the worlds without changing your emotional expression and response you will not get rid of it.
It is tough shit, but that’s how it is.
Good luck to anyone trying to get truly clean.


Nailed it :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:

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I thought you worked with her? Just curious.


I do
And this is a perfect way to banish parasites

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I thought you were saying she was one my bad!

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Ah gotya
No I don’t believe she is in the sense this thread is portraying her but I believe she still embodies a symbiotic relationship with her followers in an energy exchange.


Although I COULD see her doing these things to people who offend her easily. No doubts there and nothing wrong with that.


I agree with these sentiments :slight_smile: I’ve seen and experienced both personally. Lilith tends to be very vast and complex in how she portrays herself to the world and how her followers (and haters) portray her.


Of course lol. Just didn’t expect it lol. All a miscommunication. She strikes me as a good representation of the diving feminine, Loving and caring and protective of those she cares about but vindictive and destructive to those who get on her badside. Does that sound right?


Absolutely. Definitely a wonderful Goddess but not some one you’d want to directly offend. Technically I try not to offend any divine source but Lilith can be quiet the force. :black_heart:


She has thick skin and dark humor but imo dislikes any form of disrespect because it shows the individual doesn’t fully understand her or else they would be slower to do it.

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There is no Goddess like Lilith. She has been nothing but loving and kind to me from the beginning and has helped my life evolve in so many positive ways it’s almost unbelievable at this point. I have seen many claim negative results in trying to work with her, including harmful experiences, but I would most definitely agree that you are dealing with a parasite trying to trick you into believing you are with Lilith. I know firsthand that if Lilith doesn’t want to deal with you, she simply doesn’t. She doesn’t attack or do anything for that matter, but ignore you. We are all beneath her and she is not going to waste time with negative energies when she can simply ignore and move along into the life of someone else.


bro she doesn’t like you, get over it :joy:

looks like you failed her test and are shunned for all eternity

honestly you sound like a nerd who isn’t good with women. go figure

just keep simping man

you were 100% dealing with a parasite lmfao