Lilith : How do I connect with her?

I recently started dating this guy, we’ll call him Red. Before meeting him, I’ve always been drawn to the spiritual side. I’ve seen dead people and heard things in my mind since I was 5. I had an older lady approach me and tell me “the angels can’t reach you but the others can” when I was 12 and a practicing witch I met at a bar tell me I’m one of the most powerful psychics she’s ever met, I just haven’t “fell into my power yet” (as she wondered it.)

Red is followed by a demon. Without explaining his entire situation, let’s just say I’ve made it one of my personal goals to strengthen my own abilities to help him figure out who she is and what she wants. One day we were just walking around the yard talking about how we want to transcend and I just stopped and said “her name is Lilith.” he asked if I meant his demon and I shook my head no. I said “I’m not sure how I know that name. I’ve never heard of it. I just heard it in my head and know that’s her name. but I’m not sure who her is”.

A few weeks later. he started drawing me this demonic girl on a piece of wood. She’s 50/50. Half angel half demon. He was half way done with her and finally showed me and I instantly spit out “That’s her. That’s Lilith.” Since then, I’ve really been diving deep. Trying to figure out what type of witch I am, what I believe, how to connect with entities, and so on.

Red and I have been arguing lately (nothing major. we’re both just stressed and our communication is blocked) and one night. we were sitting on his floor and we were talking about how I needed to try and connect with Lilith and see if she could help us (we believe his demon is a succubus). I zoned out for about 2 seconds and when I came to I said “Lilith can help us. She’s far more powerful. Yours just wants you to think you’re helpless. Lilith can point us in the right direction.” After a little bit of small talk trying to figure out what this meant, I stopped and stared directly at his alter (he hasn’t fully finished it. he just started.) I had put the picture of the 5050 girl, Lilith, on it earlier that day. He said I zoned out and went completely still and said “I am a powerful entity not of this plane. I have a higher purpose, a divine purpose, but something or someone is blocking me from it. I need to speak to her” He proceeded to ask me to connect with her and telling me he really believes Lilith is reaching out to me. I got really frustrated and explained to him that I had tried and wasn’t really getting anywhere. All of a sudden, he starts coughing (he layer said it felt like ash was poured down his throat) and fell to his knees gripping his throat. When he finally stopped (this went on for about 2 minutes), he grabbed a ceramic plate I had been coloring for my alter and wrote “When the moon crests for the 6th time, you will see the light. <3 the Queen, Lilith”.

I’ve tried meditating on this but I cannot figure out what she meant. This was on Friday night (9/10/21) which was a crescent moon. I’ve been trying to meditate on it but I’ve never been able to fully meditate.
I have really bad adhd and always end up getting distracted by inner thoughts no matter what I try. Are there any rituals or ceremonies or things I can do to reach her?

My entire soul is pulled towards her. I’m not sure how I know. but I KNOW I’m meant to contact her and work with her. I’ve always struggled with self confidence and self worth issues. I’ve been physically, mentally, and sexually abused. Men have always had power over me. I think that’s why she’s reaching out. All of this happened after Red and I got into an argument and I sat outside crying and said “whoever or whatever is out there, please come to me and help me find who I am and what purpose I have.” If anyone has any leads or advice or literally anything that could help, PLEASE HELP.

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These may help

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Thank you so much. I’ll look into them tonight and get back with you !

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Thank you! and I made a post, just not sure if I did it correctly.

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I kinda take this like the “wave cresting”. Which interestingly summons up water imagery (and the moon does have water associations).

I take this to mean six full moons, or the days just before the full moon.

“You will see the light” can also be a reference to the moon’s light as well as a figure of speech.

The sixth full moon from now would be February 16th 2022.

It’s cool, thanks for posting it :slight_smile:

The only thing that jumps out at me, is I’d be leery of randoms walking up to you to tell you who you are or what to think. You’re the only one who gets to decide that, and you can be what you want to be. Advice is all fine and dandy, but to stand in your power you take it with a pinch of salt and make up your own mind.

If you want to talk to Lilith have you tried evoking her at all?


This bit makes me think of temple of ascending flames invocation of Lilith or was it asenath masons…either way, there’s a bit about Lilith “having a face that is dark/black on the (left?) Side and light on the (right?) Side”

They’re pretty much the same thing, as Ascending Flame is Asenath Mason’s order.


I kinda thought so, but wasn’t sure. Lol

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I’ve sat outside under the new moon and a crescent moon, and asked her to come to me. I’ve asked her for help. when I did, it felt like electricity filled my body and something in me says she heard me and she wants to. I’m just not sure how to technically do anything like that. I’m VERY new to this

when you sat invocation, is that like reaching out to her? how would I do that?

Short answer would be yes.

It really need not be fancy either.
You could chant “Invoco te Lilith” (I invoke thee Lilith) until you feel her energy and presence.

If you go to this link there’s a pdf for the invocation of Lilith and Samael.

(There’s also a ritual of Lilith)

Make sure you do a banishing first to get rid of and keep out any wouldbe impostor spirits or tricksters and charlatans.


I’ll send you a PM with a bunch of getting started type links, and in the mean time check this out:

You may also consider BALG’s Evoking Eternity by E.A. Koetting that a few of us found useful. E.A.'s channel has a lot of great info especially if you scroll all the way back through the years to the beginning where he goes over the basics for free.


Always enjoy reading your post on self sufficiency. I agree

OP, in my experience, Lilith has been amazing with me

You can try prayer or chanting her enn, or your own personal method of evocation, you can even leave her some nice roses as an offering

I’m actually working with the great dark queen goddess Lilith now . If you want to know her use her sigil shown here . I’ve attached her seal as well


I’d suggest drawing it while charging it with you intent and emotion that would attract her. Use respect and offer her incense ( lavender) and burn some 3 king resin . Meditate until your in a decent trance 15mins or so then grab her sigil a focus on it . Imprint it into your mind while chanting her enn using that enn on satan and sons you tube video shown above