Lilith help for love back but I work escort

they told Lilith not will help who work prostitute and back ex love ? because Lilith not like prostitute but not will forever
what you think ? Lilith help ?

Natalia, shes the Queen of all Whores.
Be proud to say that, because she is.
Voce tem que falar com ela.


she may help you, she may not, the fact that youre an escort in my opinion will not affect Lilith’s choice to help you or not

however…when it comes to love magick, i personally wouldnt do it


Agree with you there… You might unexpected results…

I’m glad you guys help me out on Lilith accepting my escort profession. because i’m in love with him …but he left me and treated me cold … i’ll talk to Lilith for the full moon day

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you should try to move on, its better


Of course, but I do not think negative and I am very happy with my life, but I will try to fight for him to improve and respect, because he did not respect my emotion and feelings., We had no problems, but he has blocked emotion
Thank you for understanding

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@Natalia_Conselheira Lilith is indeed the Queen of Whores… She should be able to help you :slight_smile:

If you don’t have much experience you can find a guide here:

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was this directed at me?

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Welcome back to the forum @Natalia_Conselheira Please properly introduce yourself as you were asked to do last year when you first posted. It is a rule here and is required. CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick, such as what you practice, how long you have practiced, areas of interest, etc:



Work with a spirit that will remove the blockages within him and between you two. He probably doesn’t respect your emotions and feelings because he can’t allow himself to express his own or even acknowledge them or may feel uncomfortable processing them.

There could possibly be some past trauma that he’s holding on to that’s causing him to have issues with his emotions as well and could be a reason why he has issues. There are a variety of reasons why he could be blocked, but the fact remains…clear those blockages.

Good luck :bouquet:

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At risk of taking this off-topic, it was indeed :stuck_out_tongue: why not start a new thread with your take on it? I’d be interested in debating it there rather than taking someone’s advice-seeking thread off topic

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Tatakai no junbi ga dekite iru!

Do a 3 pins on his picture whit head,heart,and stomach live them 3 days wen saying I hurt my feeling etc .after 3 days get another picture or same put rose water and say I wish like comeback to me etc

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Please shut out anyone who tells you that a spirit will not work with you because of your job, ethnicity, sexual orientation…etc. It sounds like self righteous indoctrination crap that is projected onto Lilith or whatever other spirit. You can even choose to work with a troll god that is “known” to reject certain groups of people. There are no limits. You’ve got the power.
If that’s the guy you want then go for it. But also work on healing and strengthening yourself so you don’t slip into a spiral of obsession or any other form of self destruction. If at any point during your process you realise that you don’t want him anymore, then it becomes your choice.
Work on removing the blockages between you. You can work with several entities for different aspects.


What the heck are you saying. Write in English.
We don’t speak 5 langauges xD

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I don’t speak Japanese either :flushed:
It’s called Google translate :joy:

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Google translate gives kinda wrong information, it isn’t an expert in every language

from my experience you can work with lilith. i do many things with her in the topic of real prostition and sex magic. but she is not really the right one to bring you out of this business. her levels are in it and here you can handle her. Must man had a problem with your job, when it comes to feelings, up to the social content. you know this is a own world. i dont know how long you work in it and how strong your mind are in the point how easy the money flow in it.

i mean sure but i dont understand what i said that was wrong, i offered my help and opinion