Lilith breakup help

Can Lilith help me get over this breakup? Or do you know another demon?
I been trying since 4 months and I can’t mentally and emotionally move on, I been to therapy.Also he moved on so fast he’s already dating someone else…and he said he broke up with me because I had depression and he doesn’t want a depressed girlfriend.(he literally said this) Well that hurt like hell tell someone you break up with them for the reason that they were depressed. But I wanna tell you all why I was depressed , his family would bully me and be mean towards me and I really tried to get close to them and I tried to show them all my love. But they would always tell him when I was next to him. They would tell him to cheat on me .I honestly felt his parents were narcissistic.Also funny before I asked Lilith to bring him back to me and I asked other demons Sitri, Sallos. But for a reason they didn’t wanna bring him back to me.

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Also shiva. Shiva is best for this type of things.
But you specifically asked demon so

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It sounds like the situation was really bad for you and he did you a mercy breaking it up. Good people don’t blame you for being depressed when their abuse caused it, sounds like it’s best to just stay away from them all.

Yes Lilith would be a great choice especially if you already work with with her.

I also had good results with Orishs Oshun for healing this energetic attachment.


Sorry to hear that you went throught that bad experience.

I believe we detached from breakups when we see the lesson that we had to learn.
What i see from your story was that you lack self love and you have deep wounds from your childhood.

A woman with self love would had brought up once the situation to his attention. If he wouldnt had taken immediate action to sort it out she would had abandoned him. You sticked around and put yourself as the second important person so you ended up hurting yourself.

I also see the wounded inner child in you because you tried harder to make them accept you. Your issue comes from your past. Possibly the people who raised you didnt give you enough praise and recognition and treated you as important. You arent used to the concept that in your own little universe that you are the one who matters the most.

I suggest that you do rituals and ritual baths on self love. I also suggest that you try to fall in love with yourself and come to the realisation that you are enough. If people cannot see that you are amazing then the issue is them not you.

A good method to fall in love with yourself is to write a letter to youself pretending that you are your soulmate and expressing to yourself of how amazing everything about you is.
Keep this letter and read it to yourself when you feel down. It is also a good manifestation method.

Another thing that i would suggest is to write a letter to yourself explaining what you went through. Then leave it aside for a few hours and then read it imagining that it was your daughter saying these things to you. Write a reply to her. Leave it aside and read it out loud. Keep this letter and read it to yourself when you feel unloved. You can write as many letters as you like.

Spiritually speaking, focus on putting on yourself glamours and taking care of yourself as much as you can. Enchant your perfums etc. There is nothing better than pisitive attention of other people and a good compliment.

And get yourself out there socialise with lots of people.
You are focused on this guy because you feel that he is unique. He is more common than you think.
And i can prove it to you. Write a good list (bullet points) of what things he has that make him look unique for example good looks, sense of humour etc. Leave it aside for 5 minutes and then reread it and ask yourself how many men in this world have the combination of those traits.
The answer is plenty. I suggest you actively do the list though. It has helped me lots of times.

Another suggestion for rituals is to check out the book “the filthy grimoire”. It has a ritual on how to feel ok with being alone. Check out the first rituals of the book too. They help with lots of shadow work.

Finally do some chord cutting rituals. They help too.

Depression or dark knight of the soul is just a passage for you to heal your old wounds so you can become a stronger version of yourself.

Maybe this lesson that you learned out of this experience will be the reason why your next relationship has better chances to succeed. You never know if the universe made you go through this experience to prepare you for your real life partner.

In response to your main question yes and no. Lilith can help but not to heal in that way. She can make you sexy so you meet a new person and seduce him.

For healing, i would suggest to work with angels. I used to do lots of blue candle healing rituals and i would read the corresponding psalms.

Good luck. I hope next time you post you will feel really uplifted and healed. :heart:


What you’re going through is atrocious. I’m sorry. As others mentioned here in their words, it’s definitely a blessing in disguise.

Check out this thread—it really has some great ideas.

Magickal Protection for removing influences.

I’m a fan of Magickal Protection’s Master Protection ritual and I highly recommend it (it has a way to clear up a lot of nonsense from life). Though I have not used these two specific rituals from the thread; I’m going to start these rituals on Tuesday.

Things will work out for you.