Lilith and her...needs

This was a bit of a different experience for me. She essentially chose to use me for her desires and did all kinds of sex acts on me and taught me better moves and asked me “Do you want to do this to her?” referring to my friend in North Cyprus. Now, I stay away from love and sex magick because I find it morally wrong-it goes against my own morals. So yeah, maybe I do want to have sex with her but it’ll need to be concentual and if she wills it too.

Lilith happened to contact me simply because she triggered an intense sexual emotion into me from my best friends profile pic and asked me “why not be with her instead?” and simply put, I said “She’s not into me”
Lilith: So she tells you hehe, but you are over her?

I simply wanna be with my friend one day
Lilith: I’ll tell you what, I’ll help you get over your best friend. LAy down and give me control.

And the rest…you can pretty much guess what happened, putting me in a trance and toying around with me


On the plus side, I did learn some more sex moves to use one day


“She’s an interesting being, goddess, whatever as a Succubus I can safely say she’s very controlling & well recently hounded me with questions about if my husband was treating me right because that day me and my husband got into an argument that day, marriage isn’t perfect and the argument was stupid anyways I don’t even remember what it was even about, but my husband apologized and we talked it out and all was good, so I thought because then Lilith shows up, asking me if everything was alright I said yes, but then she said “are you sure?” I said yes again then she goes to my husband and says “are you treating her right” I could sense the energy change especially for my husband she wasn’t happy, but she talked with me while he was sleeping and omfg she just kept asking questions as if she wanted a different answer like I was lying for my husband. I could tell he didn’t get on her good side that day. I know Lilith probably sees this but idc really I just wanted to share my experience with her” -Macy


I perhaps should have asked her about my experience with as I said if a spirit can become a physical human being as well but ye, she seems very controlling


I tend to tell myself the following things when it comes to girls I’m into but aren’t into me.

1: don’t focus on women. There are more important and more rewarding thins.

2: just because you may be into her now doesn’t mean you’ll always be. I sometimes find a girl isn’t as interesting as I made her out to be.

3: it’s better to use Magick to make yourselfappear sexier to all women than to make one woman into you.

4: your passions and hobbies are more important than girls. Focus on those.

5: using a love spell on a girl may put you at risk as well. It’s just better to go by 3.

Course I’m coming from the stand point of not necessarily knowing the girl I’m interested in. And all these can apply to girls who are into guys as well.


It tends to be that this girl that I’m into now I’ve seen in divination a future with and all the spirits around me tell me “Do you want this to happen?” and I say “Yes” and I’m told don’t resist the flow of the universe. Good ass advice from you though, thanks.

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If you don’t wait until she’s consenting then you’ll fuck things up. If you follow my advice you’ll get there.


Yup-I am against non-consentual activities. Nothing is worse than having no consent and doing that shit anyway


Are you sure it was Lilith and not Naamah? This doesn’t sound like Lilith at all. :thinking:


Ask Lilith how you could attract her on your own.


That’s what I thought. So to make sure, I opened Lilith’s sigil

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yeah, you have to understand her sincerety in wanting to help you.

When lilith suggested you could get a specific girl,
I’d bet on it to be true.

After all, Girls like the man (or active part),
to “intuitively know”, what they need.

However, they often don’t feel sorry for helping someone else out,
to get the clues, that maybe should have been understood already.

They only dislike when they see it being done towards them,

  • and i speak of mortals here -
    because they consider that to be ingenuent.
    However, they have zero issue when it benefits them,
    to use exactly those “insights”, they gain from their friendship circle.

So, my personal tip,
would be following Lillith’s advice.

Usually, a girl who decided you’re “just a friend”,
woun’t go out of that mindset,
until she see’s you from a completely different perspective.

Being jelous about her friend getting you,
while she refused you and now haves to watch someone else being happy,
instead of her,
might be exactly the change needed.

If it isn’t you’re at least not wasting away your life in dreamland,
looking at opportunities that never became real.

(smiling Samael. :wink: )




good call.

Somehow i consider you to be the most accurate of all our responses.
Not sure about that Naamah,
but it’s true,
it somehow doesn’t sound like Lilith.

She’s super caring and ask’s a hundred times,
when she things she isn’t getting the full truth from you,
or beliefs to know more about the situation then you’re willing to see.

However, she’s highly jelous in a sense,
and it’s uncommon for her to suggest someone to go astray.

To be fair, Lilith does like the Deceptive,
and overtaking man,
which really means,
your concern about the free will and concent don’t fully resonate with her.

She’s like - yeah, but you don’t see that if you don’t act on your feeling,
that girl will never get to you - just based on being nice.

It’s this horrific kind of thing,
where a good deal of the conversation just goes on inside the head,
and is not shared,
but rather expected to be understood right away.

I’ve always disliked that part,
but after all,
it’s what makes that huge deceptive and seductive traits.

… so what should i say?

i think a good point to address,
is actually asking lilith some questions back.

Engage in a real conversation - even an arguement with her, if need be.

That’ll reveal a whole lot more,
than any of us can tell you about your specific situation.




I’ve seen that on my way to school. She has seen how I used to be in love with my best friend and how long I’ve known her for. I kept having to say “I, Mani firmly testify this is the path I want” as in, I firmly testify that I want to be with my friend in Cyprus and not with my best friend. It was a lot of question asking such as “If there was no other option, would you want to be with her?”


even saying
Lilith: “Ever wonder why you have your best friend on your mind when you are being sexual?”
Lilith: “Because despite her innocent facade, she too masturbates”


I’ll add more to this but I’m at school at the moment and if people saw this thread they’d freak out :joy:


This is just my input, for me as a guy Lilith personality at least when she presents herself to me is more along the lines of kind, and just overall nice.

One thing Lilith told me herself is she makes sigils up as she goes along, she made me a health and happiness sigil on my PC screen from the dust that was on it, however I whiped it off without knowing what it was at first, she told me it still has power even if erased.

This is what she told me and apon some research she has no real official sigil which I think the prhase makes it up as she goes along fits with her.


So as I was saying-it’s not that she wasn’t being kind to me or anything she was. She saw my connection to my best friend and the conversation went as followed. Now, if you wanna put your own input in feel free to do so.

Lilith: Ever stop and wonder why she’s on your mind when you masturbate?
Sort of and if I’m honest, I don’t like it. I want to be with (Cypriot friend)

Lilith: Well it’s because despite her innocent facade, she masturbates herself- sometimes thinking of you.

Lilith proceeds to try and show me a vision of her masturbating and I tell her I don’t really like seeing it.

Lilith: Mani tell me the truth, is this really the path you want?

I, Mani 100% testify that I want to be with my friend from Cyprus and not my best friend. I’ve seen these through my divination with Freyja

Lilith: Freyja lied to you about “Loki’s daughter” though didn’t she?

No, she was misled much like I was “People are not always as they make themselves out to be”

Lilith: So be it, if this is the path you want, I will help in many ways possible but what if there was no other option? Would you go for your best friend

If tis wasn’t a possibility then yes, I would likely go for her

Lilith: You see, deep down insiide of you, you still have some kind of sexual connection to her

And I don’t want to, I’d never want to harm her. She has told me she doesn’t wnat to date anyone, ever.

Lilith: So she says heh, every girl has her own secrets, even ones she keeps from herself


Alash tad-alash ash-tu

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That sounds much more like Lilith. She is able to look much deeper than we do into ourselves. Doing Shadow work with her was hard. She wouldn’t give up until I discovered my own shadows. Some of them were hidden deeply and completely forgotten. Seriously like a dog with a bone!
I find her warm and loving too, but she can get pissed off. That gives me a headache, lol. I did my Dark Moon Ritual with her last night. That’s always a time for just “hanging out” I don’t ask her for anything just give her on offering of red wine with blood.
When she showed up she flashed me an image and looked really scary. I asked what’s up with that. She changed back, but told me that’s how she appeared to a guy who wanted to evoke her for a quickie. Bet he won’t do that again, she was all bloody and had skin hanging off her. No face but teeth. Don’t think she likes, dial Lilith for sex. :joy::joy::joy:
But all joking aside, I think the most important thing with her is mutual respect. And she had a lot to teach us. She won’t stop you from going after that girl, but be ready for the consequences. She warns but often lets us make our own mistakes. We as humans usually just learn through pain.
And what I really appreciate is that, not once, she said I told you so. Oh, and don’t ever ask her for help with a love spell. She hates them and will either say no or screw it up.