Liberation from the demonic beings

Hello. Demons betrayed me. I feel their destructive intervention on my life and on my psyche, similar to an obsession. I need patronage and complete release from their interference. What shall I do now?

Summon Prince Orobas. He helped me out in a similar kind of situation

He is also a demon. So how did he help you? Share more details please

Maybe try Opfaal, the Angel of Deliverance from the book Kingdoms of Flame.

I would treat this as two separate things myself.

First, banish everything with a vengeance on purely my own power and will, then when I know I am truly alone, only after that, invite new entities. That gets you a good clean baseline to help be sure nothing creeps back, or hides in a corner and never really leaves.

From there I would not seek any kind of patronage. I’d just keep working and see what beneficial relationships organically develop out of my regular practice. If you advertise a job, as it were, and you are already set up as one who gets interfered with, there will always be impostors trying to use it as leverage, so I don’t think this is a good time to have any opportunities left on the table.

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Take this as experience

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I second Mulberrys opinion. You need to banish the living shit out of this and work on controlling your mind so you can redirect your energy back to you properly.

You could do more black magic, but yeah… Nahh Depending on your skill level & current state of mind. You will mostly likely be engaging an imposter and it will fuck you even more.

You need to banish and train your mind until you feel better. Then get back to it!

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If a demonolater is living a false life than the demonic help to destroy the blockages and align the magician to his/her true meaning. Are you sure is betrayal or are helping you to get out of a false selfmade situation?

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In my experience, no one is better than Michael in this case, it is something he will gladly too

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This is individual for each magician. I did not worship them, but I worked with them. Their nature is such that they act solely to achieve maximum benefit. They can help in your development, but then, one day in the future, like many others, you will know the price to be paid. Usually magicians voluntarily agree to pay for them and fall into the trap further

“False life”? My life is mine and I create my style, not demonic kingdom. You sound like cristian switched the side and accepted new rules.

There Is no price this is a false neuro coonection
Demon test your force your Power.
No fear

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