Liber hirudo

does anyone have any experience with the book?

i’m currently using it to “vamp” my solar plexus (with a few modifications) and want to know if its ineffective or if theres some sort of variation to make it faster.

EDIT: i’m currently on “the swelling of the plexus.”

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What experiences you have with this?

I recently receive this book alongside with warnings by a friend who knows about brethianism and warnings i read in the index of the book itself too, please don’t need to talk about the last rites of the book cause i don’t think to do so(i also think nobody are doing those yet), and is a delicate theme of conversation that may end with this post banned, i just want to know about your experiences with the beginning exercises and middle content of the book and if you recommend it in the scene of vampirism

Pd: sorry my english is not my native lenguage

I moved your post in here as you already asked this question, as did the OP here, and we try to keep the forum tidy and avoid duplicate posts. :slight_smile:

So I’m sorry @Jin2494 but it appears nobody here, in 9 years, has experiences they wish to share. Though bumping it now and then is not a bad idea as there may be people who used it and who just aren’t around right now.

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Yes i ask this user week ago, i think that the experiences with this book they keep it in secrecy for some reason, makes me even more curious and the only reason to figured out is by oneself learning and put in practice the content of the book. which already has many warnings and contraindications by the author himself and other people who have read it, however no one shares experiences, I think that if I want to know that I will have to do it myself even if I expose myself to who knows what.Apologies for post duplication and thanks

I think it’s just very niche, it’s out of print, somewhat expensive, and as there are newer books out now on vampiric magick people tend to get and talk about those more

I would agree with that regardless of what other’s say about it. Magick is personal and what happens for one person isn’t what happens for another. It may be better to go in without the pollution of upfront expectations.

I have started reading it, and speaking as a qigong practitioner, it has some misunderstandings around how qi works, and it tells you to do things that don’t make sense and don’t explain why, and seems to be making incorrect assumptions.

I would strongly recommend that if you want to do energy working, learn a fully complete energy working system first, and then come back to this, and you will be able to see how to make it work and avoid damaging yourself.

First and foremost, a complete system like qigong teaches you from the get go how to read your own energy and balance it to avoid and fix sickness. This book, like most vamp books, does not - but it does teach you techniques that cause imbalance. I can see people screwing up their systems if they’re unlucky with this.

I posted a list of popular qigong learning books here. Honestly if you can do qigiong you can vamp, as vamping is a small subset of a subset of energy working.

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Having now read it, I can respond to this question.

The first chapter is what in qigong is termed “qi cultivation”. Yes there are WAY better ways to do it than breathing in your lovers breath. A much more abundant and completely clean source is simply the cosmos. It never runs out, you can take as much as you can, you will not cause imbalance but you could get “rebellious qi” from too much.

So the 2nd chapter is about storing that cultivated qi. This is the correct approach and is a basic in qigong. However you should not attempt to “keep” it in the solar plexus - this is not only not possible, you would be causing “stagnant qi” which is sickening - you NEED your qi to be continually moving around your qi body.

It’s not actually the solar plexus, it’s the Middle Dan Tian, which is very close but not the same thing. You have 3 major storage centers, the Lower, Middle and Upper Dan Tians. The Lower is the biggest, and is best for cultivation sessions because you can collect more at once, and it’s the safest. Cultivating too much close to your heart can cause heart and stomach issues. I advise switching to cultivating to lower dan tian instead.

This is nonsense. It’s like saying “the seat of your body is your head. Qi exists in your whole body - you need all of it in good working order, working together, one part is not the 'seat” or more important than another.
He doesn’t explain what “polarity” it’s supposed to have or why it needs to be changed, this looks like LARPing at this point. It’s a storage center, don’t overthink it.

Well, there is no change - and you don’t want this, the storage works fine - every human already cultivates qi naturally and constantly through food, sleep and natural give and take with other beings (unless they’re a real vampire and can’t, which is why they’re a vampire). You cultivate extra through breath and conscious intention. This is normal (sorry it’s not special but it isn’t, honestly they should teach this in school it’s so healthy and normal to do). There’s no issue of polarity, so I don’t see why that’s a thing here.

So what I think he’s trying to get to, is a way to set up a more automatic extra qi cultivation without having to make a point of doing cultivation meditations.
You can set up thoughtforms/servitors to give you qi, or practice so that you are continually cultivating automatically as you walk around, but mostly if you just practice a lot it will come easier and easier, and you can breathe in lots of energy doing mundane things like walking, driving, grocery shopping etc.

Certainly hope not. Qi must be moving, if it’s stuck that’s called a block. If you set your intention to create a block in your solar plexus you’re going to make yourself sick.

  • Yes the qi will be dispersed, he is exactly right, but it happens in minutes and is supposed to. This is healthy and how qi bodies work.
  • You are not losing energy - it’s still there in your qi body. Like water finding it’s level. You can dam it up with a block up and make yourself ill of course. I would avoid this :slight_smile:
  • I don’t know what “surging somehow” means, but it’s possible that you will notice the qi moving in the meridians as you get used to feeling it. This is correct and you should understand and why it before messing with it.
  • You should ideally, if you want to build your qi body, cultivate EVERY DAY. No once every two weeks, every day. Morning and night, walking around, build it and circulate it, this is how you get strong.

Qi is SENTENT and it KNOWS how to go where it’s needed. if it’s moving, watch it, read it, balance it and let it move. If you are injured it will flow to the injury to start healing it, if an area is deficient it flows to balance the deficiency, if it’s excessive it flows away to balance that. Let it flow.

Doesn’t tell you how but ok. I would avoid doing it until it hurts - a little feeling of pressure is fine. As you practice you’ll figure out the difference between damage happening and qi moving.

Here’s the thing - your qi body will ADAPT. You will be able to handle more and more as you cultivate and run ore qi over time. There’s no need to burn out your circuits and you can damage yourself doing this. It’s like running energy through the pipes makes them wider, clears blocks and toughens them up - but if you try to force too much through a blocked pipe, the pipe can just burst.

LISTEN to your body and work with it not against it. You can always do more later, but not if you’re in hospital with a heart attack.

Here is a safe and powerful qi cultivatuon technqie that gets you much more energy than from any human:

So this is what I do… Use this ^ full body “pore breathing” and bring the energy to the lower Dan Tian (it’s bigger) then run the microcosmic orbit and you’ll get the benefits without pain. Stay relaxed and happy to let the qi flow and allow it to do it’s thing, don’t try to force or rush it, and remember muscle tension causes blockage so stay loose. if any emotions or feelings come up that’s normal, let them go, you are clearing blocks - more blocks cleared means freer “pipes” for running more qi.

But yeah this book so far is 100% dog shit.

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Thanks i needed this

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