Letter to Lucifer

Hello there,
Just one question “How can I send Letter to Lucifer?”
Please answer this

Look up “Letter of intent” in the search bar

isn’t that written to lilith?

It can be written to anyone. IF you read the guide, you would know that.

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Search up “Petition Tutorial”

That is exactly what you are looking for.

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How elaborate do you want to be. A simple letter or do you want do do something a bit more ceremonial? I thinks it’s great that you want to write a letter:) He appreciates those little gesture.

How much do you know about him? Is this just a getting to know you letter or do you have a more specific purpose for writing it?

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just getting to know and request hi to come when i evoke him.

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ok thanks

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Did you look over the simple evocation that was sent to you by @eVox_61? Its a great place to start.
It’s not a letter but it will open the channels of communication.


yes but i am feeling very difficult to visualize the spirit. Do i need to upgrade my astral senses? If yes how?

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Since your a beginner don’t get blinded by the razzle and dazzle trap that so many fall into, keep it simple to start. If you call, he is listening for sure. Over time as you progress and your knowledge expands your connection deepens and you’ll start to notice the subtleties of you communication increase and you will just feel his presence.


I suggest my guide on evocation. It’s essentially invocation flavored evocation.

have you posted it?

ok but is that method a physical evocation?

Getting ready be back in 15 mins

I’m back online I thought @Maxwell Was going to be posting something for you. I was really looking forward to reading it.

Are you wanting or expecting Lucifer to appear before you?

yes please help