Lets cut down this evocation ritual to it's bare essentials (it's the evocation ritual's bare essentials, making it possessive.)

I’m a firm believer in self empowerment and the lack of a need for wordy, wasteful tools that can be easily (or not so easily) replaced or managed mentally.

HOWEVER. I AM A FUCKING MORON. This is just my perceived way of how to do it with a little less bs. I don’t know if it works! That’s why I’m putting it here, so you can tear it apart (or possibly second it)

This is the evocation ritual I want to (in an inexperienced manner (I’m unaware and I wanna hear criticism)) deconstruct into it’s bare essentials. Preferably, you re doing this in a familiar place and you believe in yourself.

Now, first off, this thing installs a “required” demonic version of the LBRP. I hate both the LBRP and this new one, because you are calling on a ton of strictly angelic or demonic entities almost in a dogmatic sense. If a spirit would consent to being invoked into the protection, great, but you don’t need to memorize any long words or phrases or hand gestures. This part is important; call upon yourself. Whether it be literally you or your godform, it’s best to call upon your OWN power, because ultimately, you’re a GOD. You simply need to speak and to expect things to work, to develop your own favorite methods and to wield them with an iron fist. I just like this because it’s vanilla. Do it however you want to.

You don’t need a circle either, let the four walls of your room repel the imposter spirits. Speak it aloud, for intent purposes. Set the intent. Add in your own little quirks of numerology or fun stuff, but keep in mind that they aren’t needed and they only serve to convince you that you are going to succeed, and so you do.

From this point, things are pretty by the numbers.

“Now sit down on the ground, and proceed to gaze at the sigil of the spirit you wish to evoke. Use the E.A. Koetting sigil gazing method, basically. You’re gazing not staring intently. Your eyes should be relaxed. As you’re gazing at the sigil, chant the enn (if it’s a demon and you know it) or the name of the spirit, or vibrate the enn or the name. You can also chant “[name of the spirit], come.””

I don’t disagree with that at all.

If your abilities concerning senses are established at all, you should at least feel them. After a while of continuing this, and they aren’t there, (assuming it’s because your senses are DULL), just assume they’re there and talk to them. Maybe ask for a sign. Listen, feel. It will get easier.

((Don’t actually do any of this if you don’t trust them and or don’t believe in yourself enough to banish. Just be respectful and caring))

Now, say whatever words you want. Make it as official or as unofficial as you want. Just take everything into consideration. Will they care? Ask yourself this. Basically, all you need to do is call them to take an external form. Range it from “OH MIGHTY KING OF HELL, I CALL YOU FORTH INTO MY DOMAIN” to “King Paimon, I call upon you” to “Yo, Painizzle, come get up in the foshizzle” (never do that.)

What’s important is that you respect the entity from beginning to end.

They can show up in water, in fire, from your peripheral, from smoke, WHATEVER you need. But the most important thing of all. Expect them to. Believe they will. You don’t question if drinking water will quench your thirst, you don’t hope that it will. It just will. Take that mindset.

How’d I do?


Depends. Did it work?

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No. Cause I haven’t tried it. But I’m gonna. I wanna hear what you guys say first.

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I define magic as exploiting mystical connection to the transcendental noumenal for effect upon the phenomenally real.

You have either devised for yourself a magical praxis here with this or you haven’t. That’s what I think.

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I know it will work. There’s no reason it won’t if the others do.

Maybe you might see that as a vain standpoint, but it lines up with a lot of other changes I’ve made to similar practices.

These beings transcend time and space. The hard part isn’t getting them there, the hard part is appeasing them so they’re fine with coming. They usually are. The harder part is actually sensing them, but that gets easier. Way easier. As long as you believe it will work, there isn’t a reason it shouldn’t work. I suggest even leaving out an offering to whomever you’re calling upon.

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I wouldn’t say they transcend time and space, more like their time and space flows a bit different than our own, however, I think the hardest part for some is being respectful and getting to understand them rather than quickly demanding things as a lot of magicians tend to do. That and patience.


You dont need tools, you are right.

You need to be able to enter theta-gamma sync, be able to establish a connection with the entity and feel its energy, deepen the trance to the crossroads state while building the structure in your mind, project the structure into the physical and have the entity to solidify before you. The entities energy will condense into the structure and give it form, kind of like ectoplasm. You can do this because in the ritual you are becoming the Operator, and calling upon your own innate god-like powers.

Structuring takes practice for a lot of people.

There are already threads about stripping evocation away from more traditional styles. You more or less did it here.

I think EA does a good job of that as well. There is a lot of discussion about his methods already.

I am sure you have seen Lady Eva’s Simple English guide.

In the end, the methodology does not matter. What matters is you get results.

If you dont like the LBRP xD Dont do the LBRP. As its been said, the magician is his own most powerful tool.

I wouldnt necessarily say that. If you are calling them as a God (like you say in your own OP), with your true innate power, they will show up and don’t need appeasing. You are not some sniveling worshiper, bowing down to them. You are not above the spirits either (at this point). You are their equal at the very least, because you are embracing your God-self when you are in that space of evocation. Treat them like one. If that happens to include, oh I have some incense that you like, or I have some wine for you, then so be it. It is nice to make sure guests are comfortable after all, like offering your friend a drink.


To be honest, it’s all just psychodrama (ritual, tools, visualizations, even words) to facilitate the right energetic sequencing to bring about an externalized connection with whatever you happen to be after. With the proper training & preparation you could just as easily say ‘Ey Dawg, get your ass over here’ to get the same effect as a larper prancing about in robes in a spooky environment. This is just blunt facts with my own whimsical choice of words to explain it. Hell, a person could even do it with a literal snap of the fingers once they thoroughly understand the nature of the functions & principles involved, if they were inclined. Borrowing Tesla’s descriptions of the three basics involved: Energy, Frequency, Vibration.


I’ve successfully evoked. I just can’t see them. They tell me they’re here telepathically


Magick brought to you by generation Z :clap:


_ I mean, ts better no

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Even the chanting/enns are unnecessary. I don’t print or draw any sigil I was able to find easily either.

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I guess it isn’t! Just sort of will them forth!

Though I suppose you should specify them to come in their own form, especially if you’re used to invocation

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I agree.

I disagree in the majority of cases, at least thst I’ve encountered.

Agree. It is Debatable however, who will get there and who is already there. How they will get there is debatable as well.

I can’t even say that I’ve ever done thst. My tools don’t typically exceed much more than a pillow under my ass and my phone with a sigil pulled up if I desire.

Sometimes I draw sigils I struggle to find in my book however. For example until I purchased kof I would struggle to find the sigil for Tul. I worked with Tul, five or six times (id have to go through my notes and count to be certain).

Idk if I ever tried just googling Tul sigil, but I’d type it into the search bar and have to scan most of the post before I found one with it.

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I think I cared last night but I can’t right now for some reason. Welp!

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Well, you got a decent first half, but what about dismissing the spirit and psychological retraction?

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I just thank the spirit for it’s time and say “feel free to leave whenever you’re ready.” Once they’re gone, I cleanse the energies (unless I like them) and go about my day.

If you’re feeling ungrounded, do some mundane stuff? That’s not an entire half, and should be common knowledge, but I figure it’s something I should put in, yeah.


You’d be surprised. :smiley: