Letter to Lucifer

Then I think the information presented to you in a previous post will work just fine for you

which visualization one or that another “altash faltu kanta exune lucifer kalla kama fultu”?

You could honestly say “Come daddy lucy” an if you did it right (not hard to do) he would come.

Don’t do that.

why is that dangerous to do that

No. He’ll just get mad at you and will probably harder to work with. Lucifer ain’t gonna torch you for making a stupid joke.

what stupid joke? i didnt get that well the girl gave me that in my befores post

You need glasses.

I mean don’t call him by saying “come lucy daddy”


@Maxwell, As a new member it would Highly concerned me that the first part of your post to express and I’m not repeating Word for Word that you’re a moron and actually don’t know if it works or not. Then you post something that I feel is a little more complicated for a beginner which is why the beginner evocation was written in the first place to help newbies. And the post that you end up posting is from a member who is banned from the forum those are all not good signs. In your opinion how does This one different from the first one, and in your experience what makes this one better. Have you tried both and which one did you find to be most effective.

Well, I used it, and it works.

Essentially, I minorly adapted their method. Look down into the comments, I plan on remaking it.


I didn’t try the other because the one I used was basically the other one without the ritualistic crap.

Well I think it’s been stated on more than one occasion there’s a reason for a beginner to go through that ritualistic crap LOL

It creates a foundation just like a banishing create a safe space circle creates a safe space all of that stuff is important for a beginner


You have different methods to evoke him. If you are beginner I would recommend 10min meditation with bineural beats,draw or print his sigil,give him some dragon’s blood/sandalwood incense,a glass of red wine,for welcoming him.After meditation you should be in light trance state,say this incantation “Altash Faltu Kanta Exune,Lucifer Kalla Kama Fultu “ 3times to increase his presence than say his enn 6 times “Renih Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar Lucifer “ Gaze in his sigil,you should be in theta gama state ( trance,if you don’t know what is it,you should learn to meditate and practice to open your astral senses,use the search button here to find that,there are plenty of them !) Close your eyes and try to feel his beautiful energy :slight_smile: Never banish him or any high level entity,just say,thank you when you are finish,he will stay as long as he wants.Lucifer days is Monday and Sunday,it would be great if you are contacting him tonight because his energy is more powerful! Ok ,now I am giving you a little help :wink:
First use this meditation ,its given from Lucifer

I tried this one
(dont know how to attach post so i copied and pasted it)

I personally think you don’t need to give a thing, just be respectful and make a nice environment. If you do give an offering, do not see it as an obligation, but a well meant gift.

As for visualization, try practicing. Start small though. First, you should open your astral senses though, it’s something basic.

how to open?

how to open astral senses? i was saying this





The best way to open your astral senses is by practicing meditation daily. 10 minutes per day is a good thing. Also, you can search the forum for threads about this topic, as you can find some really neat stuff!

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