Letter Of Intent - How To Evoke A Succubus/Incubus *update*


It does happen during the aftermath of working with Lilith but usually goes away.


Same :confused:


If i were to do this would i be capable of seeing the succubus/incubus even with an undeveloped ajna chakra? If not then would i have even the slightest idea of what she/he would look like?


They can help open our chakras. You’d probably still dream of her/him, but probably not always


Encore is right, you should be able to see it in your dreams and it will open your chakras for you.


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What do you mean by this?


Tried out the letter of intent; I don’t feel him :frowning:


Give it some time.


another question, what if the candle went out before 30 min are up? i’m guessing that it won’t be that bad, but i just want to make sure it won’t mess up the whole thing.


No, it doesn’t matter if the candle goes out, because the candle doesn’t do anything but provide ambiance and a way to burn the letter. It’s not empowered.


ok good, thanks


Quick update; I felt like someone squeezed my leg :relieved:. Asked him why he hasn’t appeared. He replied; you haven’t given time to know me. Mmmmhmmm saucy boooooooyyyyy


I recently had a similar experience with an incubus. I actually felt hands on the back of my legs (pushing my legs apart) when I was taking a light nap. It was thrilling, surprising (I wasn’t expecting it) and it tickled a lot! Congratulations on your contact!


I was wondering, could a succubus take the form of my favorite waifus upon request? Would she be able to appear as Ophelia from Fire Emblem Fates and have the same voice of her? Maybe even have a similar personality as her or at least pretend to? Here’s what she looks like

Some questions about Servitors


Someone else on here previously asked if a succubus could take the form of an anime girl and Lilith flat out said NO and was a bit miffed that the question was even asked.

Edit to add: You could always create a sexual servitor to those specifications though


I’m sure that they can manifest into any anime girl in, “live action” form. That’s even better right?

The women that cosplay at comic con can be really hot.


I would agree, but then i find a new anime to watch… :expressionless:


yes but that´s your succubus decision if she wants to do it, there´s a guy at creepyhollows forums who said that his succubus appeared to him as Morrigan Aensland in one of his dreams


Do you have to start with any banishing rituals before writing ? and do you have to see and hear astrally to have an intercourse with a succubi ?


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