Letter Of Intent - How To Evoke A Succubus/Incubus *update*

Is this similar to the Blood Of Intent Ritual? No not the “Blood Over Intent” one all over youtube.

But the ritual where you evoke one of the entities of the Goetia and drip 3 drops of your own blood onto a piece of paper representing Heart, Soul, and Mind as a form of your true intentions manifesting?

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Yes but without the pain.


Thanks for confirming. I’m gonna have to look over your notes and use some of this in my own rituals :).

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So I want to know as much as i can about succubi before i even write the letter is there any source that can be used? Or can someone tell me? I ask because every site i go to has one of the two contradicting statements(Manevolent, basically someone you do not want around, because they drain you like a vampire )or (They are very great things to happen to someone, they are on a benevolent and manevolent spectrum, basically ). I just want to know if there is a duality to these claims or if one is just more popular than the other. I have posted in the r/occult reddit page and 9/10 people were like claim 1.

They can be both. Just like us. The thing i hear alot is “its to dangerous to conjure one yourself, pay soneone else to do it for you”.

you can find a lot of stories about succubi in this website


CH is ok but they dont like when people evoke them.

Why would people evoke them? Im familiar with that forum though its been a long time.

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Why not evoke them. Its free easy and fun.

other than what is obvious why wouldn’t you summon a succubus your self?

especially if you can narrow down what you really want

@succupedia is a circle of protection necessary for other spirits (ie: unwanted spirits when doing the ritual)

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Hi is there any other time and way I can do the summoning

No unless you want to gamble on not getting what you desire

Thank you so much so what will I feel as soon as I complete this ritual can you please elaborate for me .thank you

You can do this ritual whenever and it can be altered to suit your needs. Its all about the entent

Thank you so much for replying me so is it ok if I do it at 10 at night

Yah, i did mine at like 5 am

I already have a relationship with Lucifer, would this letter work as well